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  1. Seriously, this forum still runs on plain HTTP and no HTTPS. Given how browsers discourage use of plain HTTP, and how it will become harder or soon impossible to use plain HTTP, without editing obscure config options: − less and less users will be able to access here, but spam bots.
  2. If you read the discussion you would have read the reason here:
  3. Hat off really?! Persons in charge of checking renewal date or in charge of automating the renewal warning just failed the mission they are paid for! The domain spamcop.net felt in the hands of a domain parking company Sedo Parking who setup a wildcard DNS that sent phony answers to all *.bl.spamcop.net RBL queries and generated massive email services disruptions across the World! Hat off to the people who failed so miserably that a world-wide service that people trust since 1999 was disrupted so badly! It could have been even worse if bad actors spam-bot gangsters had profited from the lack of renewal to take control of spamcop.net like it just happened to perl.com.
  4. Yes, TTL expired and now DNS service is provided by spamcop.net again.
  5. Yes TTL expired and DNS cache got the correct records again.
  6. spamcop.net expired today and DNS service was disrupted for several hours by Sedoparking
  7. The spamcop.net domain expired on Jan, 31 2021 today and for a few hours it was parked at Sedo Domain Parking. Parking DNS resolvers at Sedo answered all wildcard of *.bl.spamcop.net with IP Misconfigured email services not verifying the meaning of bl.spamcop.net's answer codes to be and blocking emails regardless, were amplifying the bad consequences of this outage. Unfortunately, as of now, neither the spamcop.net team or someone from the Cisco communication staff has issued a public statement or apology for the disruption of such world-wide significant service outage, likely caused by negligence or hard to excuse mindless cut cost. Dear Cisco, Spamcop is a significant service since 1999 even collecting paid subscription for volunteer submissions. I am ok with that if it is properly maintained and work as intended, but here it clearly failed in a very bad way.
  8. spamcop.net domain expired and for a few hours it was parked. Email services improperly not reading bl.spamcop.net answer codes to be and blocking emails are the secondary cause of your issue. Now neither the spamcop.net team or someone from the Cisco communication staff issued a public statement or apologize for the disruption of such world-wide significant service outage caused by negligence.
  9. I use exclusively IMAP to access my mailboxes, including those from GMAIL. I also systematically report every single spam that end into my spam folder, actually have very rare false positives and very rare misses.
  10. I am facing the same issue as you with CloudFlare and with the exact same conclusion
  11. So, now that Spamcop is aware of the issue parsing Gmail headers that includes 6to4 local addresses, is it planned to fix the parser anytime soon? Also this forum is crying for some love with SSL certificates
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