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  1. Sorry, I guess I should explain more. First, I did see the post about changed codes. There are no extra spaces at the end of the lines of my email, so it doesn't apply. Second, I read all the Pinned items, and again none applied. I send emails to all the suggested parties, and no replies (I've waited 24 hours) Third your conjecture is totally off-base. Name Cheap has a service that hides your whois information with a email address that goes to them, rather than directly to me. Some spammer decided to harvest that address and send some spam. I reported about 10 spams (yes they were all real spams), and because of the mailhost thing, a forwarding relay got reported instead of the actual sender. I had no idea there was a forwarding relay, much less it's name. So I get an email (from Ellen, BTW), stating my account was disabled and I needed to register the relay with the mailhost form in order to get my account back. But all I get is the error. I've forwarded the message as an attachment. I've contacted Ellen (replying with the email she first sent as requested). No response. So now I'm trying this forum. Chuck
  2. I'm trying to register a hostname for the WhoIsGuard system at Name Cheap. I get the email back and after I post it to the website, I get the following errors: Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors: Test email was not recognized. It appears the special codes section of the email has been altered. What should I do? My account got disabled over this, and I emailed back the message to the SpamCop person that contacted me. No answer. Meanwhile my spam is piling up, and my SpamCop email account is disabled. Chuck Pint
  3. I'd be very interested in helping. And just to test whether or not OptInRealBig honors opt-out, I just put a brand-new never used email address into their opt-out form. If I get any email at that address, I'll be taking that up with the FTC big time. I'll also post the spam here so people can identify it. The most common question being asked here is "how can I tell if the email came from OptInRealBig?". We all need to be sure the spam comes from them if we want any complaint to have any weight. Their page does have information to identify their servers. Chuck Pint
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