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  1. Richter has moved ISPs - Optigate dropped him. He's still using his 69.6 addresses (Wholesalebandwidth.net) and moosq.com and ss01.net (that's s s zero one), but the upstream bandwidth now comes from WVFIBER.COM aka IBIS7.NET, and their phone number is 1-877.983.4237 if you notice any spam from moosq.com / Optigate.
  2. Re: Detecting and Reporting spam From OptInRealBig Somebody asked how to identify this spam, and I replied that lots of their spam is from [2-digit-number].moosq.com and/or parts of, a couple more posters gave more extensive lists of Scotty's IP addresses, and somebody asked how to report it to the appropriate ISPs. Well, of course you _could_ use Spamcop, now that the injunction's been lifted :-) Traceroute is your friend If you get spam from 23.moosq.com, then run "traceroute 23.moosq.com" (or "tracert 23.moosq.com" from Windows command prompts or use your favorite tracert GUI.) You'll see a series of router names, many of which are recognizeable. The last couple of hops are currently from "Optigate.net", and the hop upstream from them is usually a real ISP - I've mostly seen above.net. Send mail to abuse[at] that ISP, e.g. abuse[at]above.net, with full details of the spam. Abovenet's AUP says that it applies to their direct customers and to customers of those customers, and that in documented cases of abuse they charge the customer up to $1000. So document your cases, submit them, and remind Abovenet to zing Optigate for the money. Complain to Optigate's Toll-free phone number Directly Optigate's policy for dealing with abuse seems to be to forward complaints to their customer OptInRealBig, who might actually take you off the list, at least if you don't believe in Rule 1 and Rule 2 too strongly. You don't want that, because you could have complained to Scotty directly if you trusted him. So you want to look at Optigate's Contact Page to find their administrative phone number 800-304-9299 or ask their operator about connecting you to their sales department or legal department, or unsubscribe their fax number from all the junk faxes you get just to be sure to protect them.
  3. Scotty's Lawsuit's Dishonesty OK, IANAL, so I can't tell you if this is Restraint of Trade or a SLAPP suit or just greed. <p> But Scotty's lawsuit has a bunch of obviously dishonest things about it. For instance, he claims that by leaving out complainers' email addresses, Spamcop is preventing him from doing his CAN-spam duty and removing them from his lists. In fact this is untrue, because spammees who _want_ to complain directly to Scotty can do so. Spamcop is providing a service to those users, allowing them to complain without risking the kinds of revenge that spammers occasionally wreak on complainers, and without risking the more mundane problem of spammers selling complainers' addresses to other spammers. <p>Furthermore, by forbidding Spamcop to forward complaints to upstream ISPs, Scotty is blocking Spamcop from providing their users with a mechanism for effective relief of the problem, because Scotty and every other medium-large spammer can simply use a spam-tolerant ISP as a front, or even run their own spam-tolerant ISP service, and his lawsuit blocks Spamcop from contacting anybody who's actually got a sense of responsibility.
  4. Recognizing OptinRealBig spam It's pretty easy to recognize many of Scotty's canned meat products. Unlike many other spammers, Scotty pretends to be legitimate, and sends out mail from his domains and IP addresses when he can. <p> IP addresses belong to Scotty, and if you read the lawsuit, you'll see Abovenet notifying Optigate that they refuse to accept route advertisements for those addresses because of the level of complaints. <p> Domain name moosq.com is also Scotty's - Most of the spam comes from machines named [some-number].moosq.com. It's usually in the From line. Most of the mail I've gotten from Scotty has at least one header line (I think it's the From:?) that has a long string encoding your user name (usually SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS) and probably some information about which spam this was) [at] [number].moosq.com . My spam logs used to get lots of mail from them, addressed to three of my email addresses (two of which I *never* use for the public, including one that's been dead for N years and clearly came from web harvesting.) I haven't checked the log lately, but there were dozens in the last two weeks. <p> OptinRealBig sometimes shows up in their email bodies, but I don't keep that in my log files so I don't know how often.
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