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  1. hi there, I don't understand TECHNICAL WORDS in Post#4 like "Parser" etc, this is the first experience I am trying to fight with spam. And I don't know "how to find the original email address of that spam sender", because I block 400 of his email address in my yahoo account, he always send me by using different different email address, and I create filters in yahoo that also not wok at all to stop this spam emails. Any way this time I go to my yahoo Account, then I click on spam email, then I click on Forward, then I enter this "submitEXG6mByR.......[at]spam.spamcop.net at TO line, then I click on Send button, do you guys think is this is the right procedure I did this time or not, please make me as simple as possible to submit spam to spamcop.net. I don't understand the deep way of sending spum to spamcom.net site, many of the faq's I could not understand on the site. please let me know this time I forward the spam email to spamcop.net, do you guys think - is this right I did or not this time. thanks
  2. hi there, thanks for your reply, I could not COPY & PAST on this site that message or any single thing, so is there any way I can show that all messages, what the spamcop error shows, how to post the PHOTOS etc on this sit, please let me know. spam sender send to me every day many time with different email addresses, this is the email below, ****************** BuyViagr[at]www.damacom.ro BuyViagr[at]almarrigroup.com ViagrOnline[at]gratka.nstrefa.pl ViagrCiali[at]www.soemgroup.com.ar ****************** or simply you copy and past the above email addresses on spamcop.net site then you will see the errors. I simply copy and past this email address or whole of his message into the spamcop.net, there after spamcop shows message like this " is not listed in cbl.abuseat.org & bl.spamcop.net & dnsbl.sorbs.net etc. and I am unable to copy & past on this sit any thing, so I can't type whole of his message to show you, so how to attach PHOTO on this site. Please let me know. any help appricated.
  3. hi guys , I need your help, I become a member on spamcop site then I enter the "email address" or "whole email" of spam SENDER, but spamcop site is not blocking at all to that person who is sending me spam from last over 5 years. I am getting error like this, as shown in pictures below (I can't attach photos of error on the site). please help me "how to successfully process spamcop procedure" thanks for your replies.
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