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  1. They must have been malfunctioning several days then. Or only being operational intermittently. But after waiting a few more days, I managed to renew my account without further problems.
  2. Hi. It is time for the annual renewal. I use the link provided in the reminder email, but when I get to the PayPal page for the actual payment, I am faced with this: But no matter how many times I try, or starts all over with a freshly opened browser, or even reboots my PC, I always end up with this error. I have tried this on and off over a few days now, but to no avail. Is there a known problem with payments at the moment? Anything else I can try on my end? Best regards, Mikael
  3. Everything seems fine now. My missing mails has just appeared. Sorry about PM'ing you, but that was the advice I got as writing support[at]spamcop.net did not open a ticket, likely due to the problem I tried to report.
  4. Hi. The email problem I spoke of yesterday has been narrowed down to smtp.cesmail.net I normally use smtp.cesmail.net as my default mail gateway. However, as of yesterday, all mail sent via smtp.cesmail.net to my ******[at]spamcop.net address, is accepted but not delivered. Mailing ******[at]spamcop.net via another smtp gateway works fine. Mailing other (not spamcop related) addresses via smtp.cesmail.net also works fine. I have PM'ed jefft about this. If he is not the person to handle this anymore, please let me know who is. Best regards, Mikael
  5. An update: This is not a general problem. It seems to be specific for smtp.cesmail.net, and only in certain circumstances. I will make a new topic with further details.
  6. Thanks. I already tried the problem button yesterday, just before I went to bed. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to get the attention of anyone. I have now tried the other suggestions. I hope I am getting through to someone this time.
  7. Unfortunately it hasn't been resolved for me. My problems started after the big outage.
  8. Unfortunately, this problem is back and has targetted me. Only difference is that it is 100% of my mails that are missing. I have reported the problem through the webmail form.
  9. Is there a delay in email delivery due to this problem (a backlog being processed perhaps), and if so, how long is this delay? I know of at least two emails, that has been delivered to smtp.cesmail.net, but they are nowhere to be found. The oldest has been missing for 4 hours now. And no, they are not in my held mail either -Mikael
  10. Oh, that was just to ensure everyone could download the file intact. I have had problems in the past, where unknown file types (unknown to my webserver that is) would get corrupted if downloaded with certain webbrowsers. In hindsight, I probably should have provided the .pcap file instead, and ensured that it had a suitable mime type on the server. But, problem solved, and that is all that matter.
  11. Of course you shouldn't trust an unknown file. I just thought Wireshark (former Ethereal) was more widely known, especially among people that are no strangers to network analysis and troubleshooting. Anyway, this morning all problems are gone. Email coming through and I can also load the news.pgp page fast and reliably every time i refresh the page. I have no idea what happened yesterday, but as this isn't a more widespread problem, I'd guess it was network problems somewhere near my end.
  12. Yes. Neither ping nor traceroute reveal anything abnormal. I have no packet loss. Just loading the news.php page is problematic (and with the lack of emails in my inbox, that test will have to do for now). Here is a Wireshark capture file of the network traffic: Wireshark capture
  13. Well, that wasn't it. I am still having problems.
  14. I've tried to clean out all waiting mails now. Some mails actually got through, like the notification mail from this forum, so it might be one of the other mails screwing things up. Time will tell. However, that wouldn't explain the trouble reading the news webpage.
  15. Hi. I can't seem to pop my email from pop.spamcop.net today. Is this a known problem at the moment? My mail client connects, and see 6 new mails. But while retrieving the first one, the transfer stalls. When I log the network traffic with Wireshark, I see corrupted packets (checksum errors and sudden binary garbage in the data, where plain text should have been), packet loss etc. I see the same at port 80 when trying to load the news page: http://mail.spamcop.net/news.php. Not surprisingly, as it is the same server ( as far as I can tell. Webmail and spam reporting (mailsc.spamcop.net) works fine. Am I the only one experiencing this?
  16. Hi. I just found myself accidentally reporting a couple of emails as spam, even though they were not (I did this in webmail). I ticked off the two mails with the intent of marking them as read. But by pure reflex I got through the "report as spam" clicks instead. Just as I clicked Ok, I realised what I've done, and I could kick myself long and hard for the rest of the day. I am still a little shocked that I could click my way through the "report spam" so easily, almost as a reflex without thinking at all. I have used the spamcop webmail for years, and this is a first for me. But I started thinking. If this is a common problem (or am I the only one that has ever done this?), perhaps there is a relatively easy "fix" that would force people like me to think a little more before reporting: What if (in webmail) you only could report mails as spam from the Held Mail folder? When spam occationally pops up in the Inbox (or other folders), the only option would be to move it to Held Mail, and then review and report it from there together with the rest of the spam. That would make it a two-step process where, hopefully, one would discover the error before it is too late. What do you think? And again, I am VERY sorry that I got in this situation in the first place.
  17. I am also getting these bounces, only with my email address instead of course.
  18. Oh well, then I guess there isn't anything that can be done about it. That's a shame But then this comment gave me another idea. Whitelisting won't do it. Then every single spam would just be whitelisted and get through. But would it be possible to make a new user configurable list? A "don't check" list? Then the user could manually add the server(s) in question (like I would add, and everything in this list would be skipped in the BL check. This could be done without interfering with the mailhosts system. And I would guess that a small check in a new list, won't take a lot of resources. In fact it may be able to free up some resources. If this new list was available, I could add one server to it, but on the other hand remove a LOT of entries in my whitelist. Is this a more realistic idea?
  19. Yeah, it isn't pretty. Unfortunately I can't just switch ISP, at least not easily. Yes that is exactly what I was trying to get out. Or it could check each IP up against the mailhosts data first, and if it's in there then just skip the BL check, if that is easier / less resource-demanding. I was wondering about the same. Spamcop must be chewing its way through massive amounts of data every day already as it is now. But if it is possible to implement, then I think it would be a great feature that could avoid a lot of false positives.
  20. I know. I just thought it could be useful also to use it to get a more accurate spam detection. As a bonus. It only involves data already present in the spamcop system. That is exactly my point. Mails coming through the temporary blocked Server-X will, for my part, not be blocked, but for others it will still be blocked as Server-X isn't in their mailhost list. spam to me (not originating from my own ISP) will still be blocked on its originating IP as if Server-X wasn't listed. (I find it difficult to explain exactly what I'm trying to say here. I hope you understand the idea). Well, someone reports my ISP's mailserver as being a spamsource, I guess?? BTW, the mailserver in question is I have personally never seen a spam from my own ISP. I don't think so. As every single mail I receive goes through, wouldn't that whitelist every single mail including whatever spam I receive?
  21. Hi. I have used the email system for over a year, and most of the time I am very pleased with it. Just not when my ISP gets listed. I understand how and why this has to be this way, but its still annoying, as all (not whitelisted) legitimate mail ends up in the held mail folder. And then I have been thinking..... What if the blacklist check ignores all the IP's that are verified in the mailhosts system? Legit mails will come through, and most spam will still be stopped based on their own IP address. The only downside will be that spam originating from my own ISP won't be stopped, but I would really prefer that if it means that legit emails can come through while my ISP is listed. The ideal situation is of course that my ISP doesn't get listed in the first place, but this isn't the reality So how about it? Is this a good idea, or haven't I got the slightest clue to what I'm talking about
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