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  1. Ok, I'm just configured my host from private dedicated server where I have few e-mail accounts but registered only once with my main e-mail address. Is that correct? After I received a message: ------- Hello SpamCop user, Thank you for registering your mailhost (MY HOST NAME) with spamcop. ------- Is that's all? Can I forward a spam e-mails to spamcop as usual using all my e-mail accounts in registered Mailhost?
  2. Sorry for double post. I'm using eM Client Pro version. Reported one spam today and everything was successful so I think there was a one kind of error or something like hat. Now everything is fine. Thank you again guys for helping me .
  3. Ok then, now I know something more . Thank you very much and sorry for misunderstanding . Best wishes!
  4. I'm asking because before Mailhost setup I was able to send spam as attachment to spamcop. Now I can't do that (after sending test mail I'm not received any message that I have to confirm sending report) and that's why I am confused. If I use only 2 e-mail addresses there is no risk to block my server because is simple "forward as attachment" if I understand correctly? So your advise for me is that I need to save spam mail as a file, open in txt for example and copy whole email with headers to online form in spamcop.net? Thank you in advance.
  5. Yeah, already read something and I see that I should have some enable / disable quick report option in 'Mailhosts' tab but I don't see anything like that. Was sent a test spam forward but didn't get any reply about that.
  6. Hello, I'm just starting using spamcop and forward my annoying spam to him but what exactly is for example storage 15MB for $15? Is this a storage for all my spam reports or what?
  7. Fantastic. I know everything about this now Feel proud that I can support this service. Best wishes!.
  8. Thank you so much. And welcome It's great to have service like this one Ok, now I understand - that is my spam reports limit "15MB". What about If I run out this 15MB? How many spam's messages I can report?