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  1. Ariel

    Mail/dns issues

    Seriously. Problems occur, but the lack of communication is unacceptable.
  2. Someone should email it the contents of this thread from its own server using the SMTP Auth hack.
  3. Ariel

    Curious reply....

    The largest financial institution in the world, FYI.
  4. Agreed... seems to be a problem in general with Horde.
  5. Unless it shows me why the messages were blocked, like the "old" URL does, I don't like it. Why was this changed? It was working fine before.
  6. Ariel

    This service really sucks

    It's very hard to understand what is really going on here... but this is what I think the poster is saying: He has some web sites "out there" somewhere that collect orders. Those web sites forward the orders to his dial-up (!) email account. So... instead of forwarding those emails, why don't you just set up your email client to connect to the email servers of the web sites, directly? Makes more sense to do that if you have to reply to the emails, IMO... I know if I sent an order to orders[at]somecompany.com and I got an email back from unprofessionaluser[at]dialupisp.com I would question whether or not I should be doing business with that company. Also, you do realize that it is your dial-up ISP that is blocking the emails, right? Spamcop is not blocking them. Your complaints should really go to that dial-up ISP.
  7. Stop spamming? Seriously, if you're sending to spam traps (which are unused, unpublished email addresses), either you or someone who shares your mail server's IP has been sending spam. You automatically delist from Spamcop 48 hours after the last spam report. By the way, according to senderbase: Last day 782% Last 30 days 182% Sounds like your IP jumped up in its mail sending dramatically. If you send through your ISP, you might want to contact them.. if it's your server, please fix the problem.
  8. Ariel

    Nigerian Spam

    Plus there are people that lose all of their money and even their lives to these scams (look at www.419eater.com). I don't think it's very funny. It is amazing that people fall for it, but there are people out there that do.
  9. Ariel

    Strange webmail logon message

    I suggest you check your HOSTS file.
  10. Ariel

    Spamcop Certified ISPs?

    "Spamcop Certified" ISP's... a great idea! At the very least, you'd know that the ISP is serious about resolving problems on it's own end in addition to preventing spam from reaching its customers.
  11. Ariel

    valid address on blacklist

    You should ask your ISP to whitelist the Yahoo list for you. I use Spamcop's filtered email (and of course use Spamcop's block list among others), and I also subscribe to a couple of Yahoo groups. I have my groups whitelisted, and there is no problem. If your ISP can't whitelist those email addresses, perhaps you should either look for a new ISP, or sign up for a free email account (maybe on Yahoo itself!)
  12. Ariel

    What's The Point?

    Well it at least keeps them on the blocklist.
  13. Ariel

    New Look Browser Issues

    OK All that talk abouth CSS2 but 3 of the stylesheets AINT valid CSS 2 The: common.css default.css And: clean.css And all the pages is NOT HTML 4.01 valid. Mayby it voud bee a good ideer to get that right before blaming IE ??? LOL.
  14. Ariel

    "This site best viewed with anything but IE."

    Gee, why don't you mention that to all of the websites that design with IE only in mind. I get fed up with those quickly, since I prefer to use Mozilla. What really needs to be done is to design websites to the established standard. If certain browsers can't keep up, then that's their problem. I realize that IE vs Mozilla vs Opera, and Windows vs Linux vs Mac, etc are very important to some people, to the point that very heated debates start up. I don't think that's really necessary here. When I design a web page, I make sure it works in the major browsers properly. I don't really care about the underlying "religious" issues - I just want everyone to see my site properly; I don't care what browser they use.