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  1. NeilCarmichael

    How did they do that!

    If it happened to me I would check my PC for nastys as that would seem to be the only place they could get all the address's
  2. NeilCarmichael

    Do the spamtraps give bouncebacks or pretend all is good?

    Thanks Lou, I know what you mean, sometimes its feels like we're mail-man tip-toeing through a battlefield! Our system follows best practice as much as possible but like in the physical world, its a fine balance between usability and security, for example we require our customers to use SPF but not full DKIM For the most part we don't have an issue as our customers are "professional service" firms talking to themselves and each other, every now and again though we might have a customer that seems to have gotten an address from somewhere inadvisable but as we will always be quick to have a "gentle" word with them and as they are (by nature) very guarded about their reputation they are eager to learn and improve. I hoping hanging-out here I'll be able to learn more about the art of email delivery and help out. Neil
  3. NeilCarmichael

    Do the spamtraps give bouncebacks or pretend all is good?

    The only reason I haven't described the system completely is so as not to bore you all. :-) Basically its a SAAS that connects in real-time to the CRM of (mainly) large law-firms to enable them to send good quality emails to their clients and staff with bounceback processing that updates their CRM (so for example they don't resend to dead-addresses) and enables they to include forms that again feeds back into their CRM and all within templates that makes sure it all looks good, follows standards and is on-brand Our emails follow all the usual best-practice but all it takes is one user at one client to do something silly to poison an address :-( In the grand scheme of things it doesn't happen that often but obviously the number occurrences gets multiplied by the number of client and users. I am planning on hanging around here long-term so as too learn more best practices from others experiences and perhaps if I can help others.
  4. We have a business to business email marketing for professional services. As such we don't normally have to worry about tripping a trap as it should be all opt-in. But, now and again our clients do send an email too them, part of what our system does is process the bounceback messages. Do the spamtraps give bouncebacks or accept the messages as if all is normal?