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  1. Could we please have something stating this *on the webmail login page*, please? It would save a lot of panic upon finding out that all your mail is gone from your email client, all your mail is gone when you log into webmail, so you hit the "problem" button and report it, because all you see on the login page is a scheduled outage for tomorrow, when there's quite clearly a problem now... I was googling before I even remembered we had a forum. But I thought something had happened which had caused my mail client to eat my entire folder tree, and then tell the server to get rid of it on that end, too. And being online, this is my backup, because I've lost my local copies in hard drive crashes before... And I certainly expect a servce I've been paying $30 a year for email only to not lose the email stored on their server, ie: do their job, oddly enough. Most people expect it of free email servers - there'd be mass panic and riots if Gmail did it. And it's been storing my mail nice and safe since before Gmail existed, so I don't think it's too much to expect it to continue to do so.
  2. Still not working for me, either - no IMAP, no webmail, no beta webmail.
  3. You guys are probably going to think I'm crazy, but I've been forwarding since my last post here, and it's started happening again. It's deleting the stuff that's forwarded in from *only* that account after it gets checked by my mail client. I don't know how it can do that, but it does. I changed my settings back to check the mail by POP, and as I'd set my other mail server to forward but also keep a copy, Spamcop checked that account when I changed it, and got another copy of all the messages that had come in since I had set it to forward, though in the webmail that was the only copy of those messages I had. Two copies in the mail client. I'm not taking any medication, nor does anyone think I should be.
  4. Nope, I'm paid up, and the other accounts are behaving just fine. Sympatico, the POP server giving me the problems, has recently hopped in bed with MSN, so I wonder if that could have anything to do with it, though I can't imagine how that would be possible...
  5. After sending a dozen test messages in different configurations, and logging into webmail at different times, it seems that the messages are deleted from the inbox when my mail client checks it, but only for that account, not my other external POP account, or the Spamcop account itself. I haven't upgraded or changed any settings in my mail client, so I still have no idea why it would suddenly do this. But it doesn't seem to happen when I set my POP account to forward, so hopefully that will keep the problem fixed for a while.
  6. Ok, nothing in my setup has been changed, I've been POPing that account through Spamcop for nearly a year with no problems, and my mail client does not check that account, it only checks the Spamcop one. The mail was arriving in my inbox in my mail client the way it normally does, which is why I didn't notice the problem for a few days. I logged into the webmail client to report spam, the way I've been doing for nearly the last year, but the mail from that external account for the last several days was not in the inbox or the trash or anywhere else. The mail that had been sent directly to the Spamcop account in that period and also accessed through my mail client was still there. The headers in the mail that wasn't in the inbox said that it had passed through the Spamcop system and been checked for spam. My mail client does not delete anything from the webmail when I check it. Whether or not it makes sense to you, that's what's happening.
  7. For the last few days, the messages from the external POP email accounts I have Spamcop check haven't been coming into the web inbox, though they're getting delivered to my mailbox in my mail client. So I can't move any spam that gets through into held mail, and I don't know if there's any legit mail for those accounts being caught and deleted where I can't see it. Has anyone else noticed this? If so, is it being looked into? I'd like to be able to see my mail from the web interface again! Thanks!
  8. What I actually meant is if someone *not* using the Spamcop system reported a spoof spam originating from a SpamCop address, by the typical forwarding to abuse[at] whatever method, would SpamCop check IPs and whatnot, or just immediately suspect the account holder? (Comparing SpamCop to the way ISPs handle reports of people abusing their system)
  9. There doesn't seem to be any header information for the originating message, just from the server that rejected it, at least on the ones that are just bouncing back spam, and not viruses. The ones with viruses we're not even supposed to report, correct? If someone received a spoofed spam from me and reported it on SpamCop, it'd trace the actual origin, but am I likely to be reported any other way that wouldn't necessarily identify the original sender that could lead to me being booted by SpamCop? Or if SpamCop receives a report that an email account holder is using it to spam, do they run the submitted spam through their own system to determine if it's a spoof or not? Thanks.
  10. I've been getting bounced spoof emails supposedly from my Spamcop email account, and I'm certainly not sending viruses and don't have a spam trojan running, as I only send mail from a Mac with an up to date virus scanner when I'm not using webmail. Is there any way these can be reported and traced to the machine that actually sent them, because they all get through the spam filter, and I don't want my Spamcop account blacklisted, or cancelled if I was accused of using it to spam people. Thanks!
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