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  1. My Mail providers have changed, so I have been updating my mailhost. I removed the old ones and started adding the 5 new host back in. The problem is that Mailhost only displays 4 host and does not appeal to display in any partical order. Three of the domains are hosted by GoDaddy, one by Net Identity and one by Earthlink. Why am I not able to see all 5 domains?
  2. no, been there done that
  3. rreinha

    Updated Look and Feel for SpamCop.Net

    1000% improvement on my XP system, If I am able to read anything at all on my Win98 system it will be a million % improvement. I will have to check the 98 system tonight
  4. My IP has many server names and I can not regestor them all. examples are: att.net attens.com san1.attens.com san2.attens.com relay1.san1.attens.com relay1.san2.attens.com relay2.san1 all the way up to relay 4 and san2. nyc1.attens.com relay2.nyc2.attens.com all the way up to relay 4 and nyc2 This casues a lot of spam coming back as forgerys. how can I get all these nemed registered?