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  1. Trying to attach a variety of small files (binary and ascii) to a draft email. Using Firefox and IE, in http and https mode, after pressing "attach", webmail takes an appropriate amount of time to upload the file, but always returns with the following error atop the composed email: DB Error: no such table confirmed, the attachment is *not* getting attached. This is for both attachment and inline mode. any ideas? Moderator edit: merged this post into this existing Topic/Discussion. PM sent to advise of the Move/Merge.
  2. This was reported because I added it as a user-selected report... Reportid: 1025193000 To: db-admin[at]ocn.ad.jp ...by default SpamCop would *not* have known anything about that address. I should clarify one thing... in this case, "db-admin[at]ocn.ad.jp" may not be a great example, it sounds fishy. But, in other cases, I have found explicit whois addr-comments which say something to the affect "for abuse issues, contact abuse[at]<some other hostname>".
  3. OK, either I'm stupid or something is missing from the FAQ (i know, probably the former). Let's say I submit spam: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z494422750ze1...c3772317085dd4z and the only reporting address for the origination netrange is no good (bounces or is a nic or something): I refuse to bother hostmaster[at]nic.ad.jp. Using hostmaster#nic.ad.jp[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking. I do a little digging (on jpnic in this case), and come up with one that appears correct? db-admin[at]ocn.ad.jp Isn't this information useful? Is there someone I can send it to so that spamcop is updated with this info?
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