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  1. I was a flatrate member previously and would like to return but signing up causes an error that the username is taken and trying to sign in using that name causes a sign in error. My old username was therob[at]spamcom.net TIA Rob Owen
  2. Also I had an account but let it expire. When I try signing up with the same account info, I get an error that that email address it in use. Is there anyway that that is my same account and can I update it?
  3. I had a free reporting account and thought that "adding fuel" was Spamcop's way of paying for the email account. What did I pay for? Rob
  4. I just purchased a $15 normal account but I was never given the option to setup my account with a password or user name. I received a receipt from paypal that I paid but now how do I configure my account? Thank you Rob Owen therob[at]REMOVETHISTOREPLYmac.com
  5. I also made the mistake of saying that I was using smtp.mchsi.com when I meant to say that I am using mail.mchsi.com which is still giving me errors (mac.com has been reconfigured and is working fine now.. Sorry about the mistake
  6. Sorry that I was not clear in my description: I am using the options in webmail in SpamCop. Under Spamcop tools and then "Configure external POP servers." I have added both POP servers that I would like checked for a total of seven accounts. Each and every one of the accounts has multiple errors (error count is currently 56) and the last error is "Cannot contact server". I can check my external mail fine and have no problems using my email program. I am just having problems setting up my SpamCop account to check my POP servers. Thanks Rob
  7. I am using smtp.mchsi.com and mail.mac.com and all of my accounts say "Cannot contact server". I just signed up as a memeber last night so maybe I have missed something. Thank you Rob Owen therob[at]spamcop.net
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