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  1. For the last several days, it has taken several hours to receive my eMail so that I can finish the reporting of spam. Then once received, it takes some time to bring it up in my browser and then again the final send. Is there some sort of problem going on? I report some 80 or better spam a day and can not afford the extra time is is requiring of me!
  2. spamh8tr

    Virus warning!!

    No, it was a moog virus, and it came from spam cop eMail in the batch of finish reports that I was to finish reporting. Haven't had anymore problems and BTW, the link refered, I have read in the past and is irrelevent to the situation I encountered!
  3. Just another spammer caught in the act!
  4. spamh8tr

    Spammer Wanted!

    Being CitBank is involved now, if you go to their web site you can report fraud. With the information you have they may be able to track them him down using the proper authorities to do so. This guy has crossed over to the criminal attempt side and needs to be prosecuted and the banks have a system set up to do just that!
  5. spamh8tr

    Virus warning!!

    I got a group of spam to report via eMail and my Virus Barrier said there was an infected file on two of those eMail groups. I'm sorry, I forgot to take note of the name of the virus, but think that spam Cop administration needs to know! Seems the virus came from their server.
  6. spamh8tr

    Using Scripts

    Your crystal ball seems to be working fine, except that I access an eMail account with my Mail using one scri_pt to send a batch, then when I receive spamcop's eMail reply for reporting I use another scri_pt as you have so eloquintly described! Thank you, you have answered my original question! Who is your repairman? I would highly recommend him!
  7. spamh8tr

    Using Scripts

    I have a Mac with OSX. Although I do batch reporting and batch the final send, we have a tab feature on our Safari browser that alows each report to show in its own window. I am able to check each spam report before sending the final report. I have yet to sign up for the password security sign in. At this point is the reporting still functioning or am I doing the rporting in vain? What does the new sign in process entail?
  8. spamh8tr

    Using Scripts

    The free user section now has a log in method that is strongly being recommended to use.Will this method allow the use of scripting to batch report and finish reporting of spam?
  9. spamh8tr

    cannot access website to report spam?

    It was blazing fast yesterday. It must have burned itself out. I see Julian is working on the problem now.
  10. spamh8tr

    Slow Today?!

    Are the servers slow today in processing spam? Also, why are all these eMail questions showing up in this forum?