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  1. I don't understand as its never added unknown hosts and ip addresses before. I have added lots of mail hosts before and it has just literally added the correct name (as I specified) 1 IP address and 1 Mailhost. this one however when I try to add it all the other hosts / IPs appear and they are nothing to do with my domain and I just don't understand why? we dont route our email via any other host or relay, it is a simple Exchange server with 1 MX record / IP address which sends email out via DNS / SMTP the reason for adding the domain is so I can report spam and of course our IP doesn't get blocked but I don't have access to a PC at that domain to get the email header from Outlook so I get the emails to that domain forwarded to me I then send the spam reports from there (as I've done many times before with other domains) and its worked fine before. any help really appreciated.
  2. can anyone help with this? I only have 1 MX record now but if I try and add I still get all the other hosts and ip addresses added that don't belong to the domain???
  3. when I look at the email header of an email from that domain none of the other servers are mentioned, they have a simple setup 1 domain with 2 MX records pointing to an exchange server via BT fixed IP address that sends email via a relay that I manage, I don't recognise any of the other hosts. I really don't understand??? email header: Received: from mail.mileshosting.com ( by mail.pcs.uk.net ( with Microsoft SMTP Server id; Wed, 20 Jan 2016 03:20:43 +0000 Received: from mail.uk-asbestos.com ([]) by mail.mileshosting.com ; Wed, 20 Jan 2016 03:20:36 +0000 Received: from SERVER ( by SERVER.wfg.local ( with Microsoft SMTP Server id; Wed, 20 Jan 2016 03:20:31 +0000 MIME-Version: 1.0 From: <SBSMonAcct[at]uk-asbestos.com> To: <sbsadmins[at]uk-asbestos.com> Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 03:20:31 +0000 Subject: Summary Network Report Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="--boundary_18_f01e8854-40b4-4f09-87b1-cc1db155e2af" Message-ID: <60924b32-79e8-45b0-a32e-86aeed5c423e[at]SERVER.wfg.local> Return-Path: SBSMonAcct[at]uk-asbestos.com X-Auto-Response-Suppress: DR, OOF, AutoReply X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthSource: SERVER1.pcs.local X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthAs: Anonymous X-MS-Exchange-Organization-PRD: uk-asbestos.com X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SenderIdResult: None Received-SPF: None (SERVER1.pcs.local: SBSMonAcct[at]uk-asbestos.com does not designate permitted sender hosts) X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AVStamp-Mailbox: MSFTFF;1;0;0 0 0
  4. I needed to add a new mailhost as I have done several times before without any problems. so I clicked Add new hosts, received 2 emails (there are 2 mail hosts for the domain), clicked the link on the first received email and copy / pasted the header and mail content into the appropriate boxes and yes there is a new host added but it has 10 hosts listed, 2 are correct but the other 8 I haven't got a clue what they are or where they have come from, the mailhost name doesn't match the name I chose when I was adding the new mailhost and there are 4 IP addresses added when there should have only been 1 or 2 max..... my domain is uk-asbestos.com, mail servers are mail. & mail1. both have same IP address, I called it WFG... but after I added the new host I have: Mailhost name Fairchild.co.uk email address is correct (me[at]uk-asbestos.com) Hosts / domains: mail1.fairchild.co.uk, uk-asbestos.com, Fairchild.co.uk, mail.fairchild.co.uk, mail.uk-asbestos.com, mailrouter.Fairchild.co.uk, loci.tree.uk.com, tree.uk.com, uk.com, inaddr.btopenworld.com Relaying IPs:,,, what is going on here, is the interface broken or something??? any assistance appreciated