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  1. FINALLY!!!! i'm receiving reports again thanks to all the help here. Lking turned on a light for me to help isolate where the problem had to be. I was convinced that my ISP was not dropping my mail. I was sure my SpamCop account was setup correctly and that Mailwasher Pro configuration was also correct. The tip here that really got me thinking was "Maybe you should try submitting a spam manually to submit[at]". After changing my settings everywhere multiple time with no luck I had no idea what to do next UNTIL I copied the spam with header information from Mailwasher and pasted it into my SpamCop account. Doing this I received a report from SpamCop immediately! This action confirmed that I was not sending spam to SpamCop and this was Mailwasher's responsibility to do that. So I focused ounce again on Wailwasher settings. Even though I set my outgoing account information multiple times in Mailwasher and I still didn't get results. This is puzzling since I'm pretty sure I entered this information correctly. My incoming Mailwasher setting were always working fine. Then I discovered an option I could tick to use the same login information (login Name and Password) as my incoming mail settings and use them for my outgoing mail configuration settings as well so I tried that.. I didn't know immediately if that was going to work since I had to wait for my next piece of spam to come in and when it did IT WORKED! I'm getting reports again as usual. Many thanks to SpamCop and everyone here who pitched in to help me. I'm a happy spam reporter again and I'm once again doing my small part to help fight spam. I feel good about that!
  2. Thanks for the detailed response. I followed your steps closely and here is what the results were... A. I check setting is mailwasher. OK, I found two configurations for SpamCop and deleted one of them with a blank email account. If I recall correctly the two were always there from the beginning when this all worked fine. The setting are correct in the remaining one. B. My email is correct regarding Item 2. in your suggested steps. C. Regarding 2a and 2b past reports.. Under 30 days I get "No reports found" however choosing "Last 90 days" several reports are there. Yea, it's been that long since this hasn't been working. I've upgraded Mailwasher at least once or twice over that time frame so mayby an update added the second SpamCop empty configuration. D. My ISP and I had a long talk and I'm pretty sure they are not the problem. When I initially join this ISP they had spam filters set thus I was getting some false positives. I quickly got back to them and we completely remove any filtering on my account. I wanted everything to come in to me so this is when I purchased SpamCop which solved the problem and gave me full control. I like it when I'm the boss of my PC and I'm in full control. ) I'm on hold until some spam comes in to try this out again. Hopefully this will work. In any event I'll be back to report and update my situation for the thread. If the problem persists I'll submit the spam manually by logging into my account and submit the complete email with header information from MailWasher. Thanks again for the excellent response. I appreciate the help. Regards
  3. Still no luck for me. No reports coming back. I successfully submitted all required info to spamcop including headers and I didn't get any error or warning messages so I assume they have all the info for my account they needed. I use one email address and everything coming through my ISP works fine. The reports I send to spamcop are generated from MailWasher Pro and has been working fine for years until now but MS Outlook mail client is not in the loop through this process. I don't use Outlook.com email. I don't get bounce errors either. To the best of my knowledge my mailhost is correct and updated so I know SpamCop is receiving my reports but sadly they send nothing back to me. Where are the Dev's from SpamCop? They have my money but their not here to help me.!! I'm trying to fight spam but now this has become a major headache for me and I hate seeing these spammers get away with this sh**!
  4. Thanks Lking and others for the help and support. Your experience, time and suggestions are indeed appreciated. My login and my private were different and that has been made all the same now. I'm waiting for the next piece of spam to come in and I'll report. Hopefully it will work but if it doesn't what should I do next? There does not seem to be contact information for the SpamCop folks who run this site. The website only suggest asking questions in the forum and putting the burden on the good, generous people helping out here in these forums. Somehow to me this does not seem fair since I've donated to this cause from my PayPal account.
  5. Thanks to all for trying to help here. OK... no Bounce flag found while logged into spamcop.net and nothing in red shown anywhere. Yes I inquire about a bounce flag from my ISP also. Yes, I did follow petzi mailhost process and I replied to him above. Their were some issues and I have not yet heard back from him. Can you or anyone say that I have done this setup properly and that you now have all the info you need to have reporting work for me again? I believe I have fulfilled all the requirements but there is nothing indicating that the info was successfully submitted or completed. So are we done or do I need to do something else? At the moment I don't have spam in my inbox to report so I can't test it.
  6. OK.... I think I'm just getting deeper in trouble now. I stepped through the "mailhost" process for the one email account Anyway when using my main (single) account I tried pasting the contents of the test email into the webform and that didn't work indicating and error that I didn't send the header information only to find out in the FAQ that Microsoft Outlook (I use Outlook 2010) does not work and does not provide an option to send complete header info. Screwed again I guess! So I tried the next option of creating a new email and sending the entire contents of the test message using the given sendto address provided in the test message and off it went. I'm not confident I satisfied all the requirements. What do you think?
  7. Just got off the phone with my ISP and they thoroughly checked everything and there is nothing they can find that would prevent me from getting reports from SC. They said they don't do anything of this nature to their customer accounts. No "Bounce" no filtering no nothing. My account has always been set to allow evertying without filtering to come into my local inbox, When you say "SpamCop reporting account" do you mean this specific area is available to me after I log into my SpamCop account? When I log into SpamCop I don't see a "reporting account" Where exactly do I find this "Bounce flag" your talking about? Regards
  8. Hi... I've been using this service with MailWasher Pro v 7.7 for quit some time without any issues. Lately I've stop receiving reports. No changes have been made to my knowledge at my end. My account name is under Trip. Any ideas why I've stopped receiving reports? Regards Trip