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    Anyone know what is happening to knujon today? Haven't received any membership confirmation for almost three weeks. And when contacting, I receive this failure notice: Your mail message to the following address(es) could not be delivered. This is a permanent error. Please verify the address(es) and try again. child status 100...The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user's mailfolder is full.
  2. Maybe not exactly what I meant, rather just in case you knew something else to usually verify, when using mailhost the first time or when opt-out. Sorry I didn't elaborate more first time, my error and lazy head. I have decided let the personel answer remaining questions. Thanks for stopping by my thread.
  3. Thanks guys for the quick welcome. I aim to join in the fight very soon. I already read the faq about reporting! And stickies. Now I re-added my most active address to the mailhost. No errors. Hopefully it doesn't require more action. Let me know here if not the case.
  4. Found the Mailhost page quite confusing and hard reading. English is my second language. You guys should do some work on your site, in matter of user-friendliness. I need to report from two hotmail addresses using Windows Live mail and Outlook.com. Pretty basic. email1[at]live.dk email2[at]live.dk What I do understand, I probably just need to migrate one of the addresses be good going. But any trouble involved by adding both? I unfortunately due confusion deleted my addresses from Mailhost at this moment and now like to undo. Any issues with this?