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  1. No problem. It was just updated today. Is there a way to correct the title of this thread from "Thunderbord" to Thunderbird?
  2. I was able to contact the developer of the HabuL addon. It is now again available on the Mozilla website, and there is version v1.21.0 which states it is compatible with Thunderbird 38. I have downloaded the new version and it seems to work fine. See download links: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/thunderbird/addon/habul/versions/
  3. The link that was in post #16 ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/habul/ ) has no download link. If you look at ( https://sourceforge.net/p/habul/code/36/tree/tags/ ) there are folders with different versions of HabuL that are downloadable. The problem is that the information is not in a .xpi extenstion format and therefore you cant install it. It took me a while to figure out how to to convert the data into a working .xpi file. I did this with the version 1.20.0 and I have fully tested and it works just fine. I also found a place to download HabuL v 1.14.0 below: ( http://kyoto-mz-dl.sinet.ad.jp/pub/mozilla.org/addons/108530/ ) I have tested this version and it works fine as well. It looks like someone made a copy of the mozilla addon website a few years back. I am using the latest version of Thunderbird 38.7.0 . The latest Habul latest changelog file: HabuL v1.20.0 by legolas558* restore codebase from v1.14.0 + knujon fixes + send check fixesHabuL v1.19.0 by legolas558* disabled prompt for reporting selected messages* added correct default non-registered KnuJon user idHabuL v1.18.0 by legolas558* changed email report domain from coldrain.us to knujon.net* started again tagging of releasesHabuL v1.15.0 by legolas558* fixed bug that would delete/move junk emails even in case of send failure* mark all messages as read before moving to trash (FR#6)HabuL v1.14.0 by legolas558* using new paper-and-flame iconHabuL v1.13.0 by legolas558* use setTimer with function objectHabuL v1.12.0 by legolas558* support multiple 'Report' actions (on same folder)* pick maximum 100 junk emails per time (configurable with habul.maxJunkToPick option)HabuL v1.11.0 by legolas558* minor fix for compatibility, thanks to YthanHabuL v1.10.0 by legolas558* minor fix for compatibilityHabuL v1.8.9 by legolas558* delete only messages which were attached* clear selection only when necessary* do not delete spam messages if report email was not sent* other minor optimizationsHabuL v1.8.8 by legolas558* fixed bug of invalid recipient "undefined" (reported by E.J.Lerner and Jorgo)HabuL v1.8.7.7 by legolas558* fixed bug which swapped delete/move to trash options (reported by C.Gerber)HabuL v1.8.7.6 by legolas558* removed sec.gov reporting (http://sec.gov/complaint.shtml)HabuL v1.8.7.5 by legolas558* fixed bug happening when delete-to-trash was selected (spam was not deleted at all)HabuL v1.8.7.4 by legolas558* added icon & removed unused button2.gif* further code beautification* some bugfixesHabuL v1.8.7.3 by legolas558* beautified code* moved all code/variables to namespace as suggested by reviewerHabuL v1.8.7.2 by legolas558* fixed title of reports to correctly spell HabuLHabuL v1.8.7.0 by legolas558* fixed errors happening on Thunderbird 3.6.x* added it-IT localization
  4. I have a local copy of the latest Thunderbird add-on of HabuL v1.20.0 , and it works just fine with Thunderbird 38.6.0 . I have not figured out how to upload an attachment on this forum? Any help would be appreciated.
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