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  1. Maybe instead get OpenVPN, or OpenVPN Connect. OpenVPN is completely open source and free, but like many open source projects, not the best docs. For OpenVPN Connect, two free users, but not fully open source, and has a yearly license for more than two users. It is easy to set up. Neither requires internet to use.
  2. It's better than 32+ hours without internet
  3. No need to fear https://www.starlink.com/
  4. KNERD

    Sendgrid reports dev'nulled?

    I think you mean SPAMGrid
  5. KNERD

    SpamCop approving spam!

    That sounds like a good plan
  6. KNERD

    SpamCop approving spam!

    At this point, I just do not believe in those block lists anymore. I feel the spamcop one is too light on reports (many offenders never even get on the list), and some others are too heavy (never forgets). I also feel some lists are compromised. One of them is SORBS. When I was using it, and making reports to spamcop, I would see the offender on the SORBS block list, but still making it into my inbox. Then one day I was wondering why I stopped getting legitimate emails from reputable big companies, I looked in the maillog to see they were being blocked by SORBS. I think the best thing to do if you are running your own email server, is to get a full blown server, and block the IP addresses yourself when you keep seeing spam coming from the same provider after sending many reports. A week ago, I had to rebuild my email server. On that IP address block was the massive IP range of EONIX.net. I have not blocked their IP addresses yet, as I seem to be no longer getting any more spam from that provider.
  7. Maybe try making a new account?
  8. I tried using the SORBES block list, but stopped after I noticed two things. When reporting spam, Spamcop would show the IP address is on the SORBES list, but still allowed to be sent to my server. The second thing was the SORBES block was blocking legitimate email not on their block list, PayPal, for example.
  9. From this tracking URL, I am getting It presented a "Report spam" button so I went ahead and clicked it
  10. KNERD

    [Resolved] forum domain problems

    I wonder it is was one of those DNS hacks?
  11. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    Yeah, since I been blocking all of their IP ranges, it been quiet here from Eonix, and Layerhost. I guess I need to update my reject message as it is not very informative on why the message is being rejected. It been a few months since I got something from Google, but when I did a report, it was sent to abuse@gmail, or something like that. When was the last time you sent a report to Goolag? For AWS, yeah, they never do anything about that, so you just have to block their entire IP range. Though on a note, it's been a couple of years since I moved my emails server to a dedicated physical machine with a hosting provider for super cheap. I did not add AWS on this newer email server, and have gotten no spam from AWS at all.
  12. KNERD

    More and more DEVNULL reports

    devnull because of 1 of 3 reasons. 1) Does not want munged reports 2) No abuse address is available to sent reports to 3) Action has reported been taken against abuser, thus no more reports are needed, but you will see such a message in the report.
  13. KNERD

    Bad Forum link

    Even the link to the forum from the site map has an issue. It refers to am hhttps URL, but is broken
  14. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    Thanks for that corrected information. I guess Layerhost must of spammed me a lot and did nothing after a lot of spam reports for me to block them. I do wonder why you are not getting any more spam from that Ip range. It does make me thing they did a list washing where they just make sure your email address (or server) is not getting spam anymore to stop your complaints. Meanwhile probably still continue to spam,.
  15. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    Layerhost is a brand of Eonix. I am not sure about heficed.com. I must of been getting a lot of spam from them to block. Seems to be from Brazil