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  1. You are more than welcome to play a PR hack for Cloudfare. Does Putin give you an expense account as well?
  2. Cloudfare needs to be criminally prosecuted and further sued into oblivion. Ihave zero interest in helping the business of someone that has conspired with enemies of the United States, as well as allow commission of other crimes against the USA. That is is like a landlord that rents to a group of people and then is informed by law enforcement that these tenants are running a meth lab and the landlord takes a hands off approach and refuses to respond or make any effort to throw the tenants out. TBB
  3. They should be shut down for their criminal negligence and, dare I say it, willful misconduct. Tom
  4. There is no question in my mind they they are now and had been hiding the Russian attack on this country in 2016 and every day since then. This should be a matter of criminal prosecution. Their sillya.. President cannot even answer questions that are of serious legal matters claiming that covering for sites that sell pirated copyrighted material is somehow violating free speech. A ridiculous argument and then he says it is not his job to make it easier for law enforcement. I assure you that have made plenty of money from the Russians and their phony dating sites and GRU activities against this country. They also allowed the use of their services by Neo-Nazis in Britain. I have contacted the Washington Post, NY Tomes, LA Times, the Associated Press and the BBC. No response so far. This is as bad as all the phony, spoofed number frauds from India. It is beyond pale that we allow innocent people to victimized by these frauds. It really now should be part of the political discussion, but the medai and people get hung up on so many trivial and banal issues. Tom In Dallas
  5. Point is that you want to say it is fine for Cloudflare to allow the usage of their networks by sites that are actively engaged in fraud and identity theft and terrorism and piracy of property. I find none of that associated with the rights of free speech only illegal activity.
  6. Here is the flaw in your argument, although I can clearly make the assumption that you are a talk radio and fox news listener. It is not unlike a business that has all the legal rights, but continue with allowing criminal activity to take place on their property is not going to be protected from action against them. Cloudflare is in the same position. Can you defend Cloudflare allowing a known terrorist group to hide behind their services in the name of freedom of expression??? Do you feel that "content" that s hiding the sender to send clear (beyond the fraud) porn to children fits under you definition of censorship. Clearly if you were to do the same, I know quite well what would happen to you and Cloudflare should be held to the same standard. Do you think, that fronting for the Russians as they attacked this country in 2016 is an appropriate activity???? Perhaps you can check the federal Statues on CONSPIRACY. "Content that laws forbid or restrict should NOT be allowed. ", but as you further state BL are concerned with the sender and not content although the content is hidden my Cloudflare. To be honest, your argument is similar to that of James St Clair in his arguments for Nixon in Nixon vs. the US. In your case you use the ".ect" as an excuse to proliferate illegal or fraudulent activities that are clearly unwanted. In the US we have clear legal definitions of censorship, some of which I strongly disagree with (especially those that deal with community standards where local bigots make decisions) So are you really saying that Cloudflare should be allowed to front for and hide those, that are not even from the USA and one of their known adversaries, protection under the First Amendment if they were teaching the techniques of sabotage, the assassination of the President, the filching of documents from public files, the planting of bombs, the art of street warfare, and the like??? Further as an interesting side note- do you believe that privacy is a right under the Constitution??? My own belief would come fro this in WOD dissent in Dennis v. United States: " Free speech has occupied an exalted position because of the high service it has given our society. Its protection is essential to the very existence of a democracy. The airing of ideas releases pressures which otherwise might become destructive. When ideas compete in the market for acceptance, full and free discussion exposes the false and they gain few adherents. Full and free discussion even of ideas we hate encourages the testing of our own prejudices and preconceptions. Full and free discussion keeps a society from becoming stagnant and unprepared for the stresses and strains that work to tear all civilizations apart. Full and free discussion has indeed been the first article of our faith. We have founded our political system on it. It has been the safeguard of every religious, political, philosophical, economic, and racial group amongst us. We have counted on it to keep us from embracing what is cheap and false; we have trusted the common sense of our [341 U.S. 494, 585] people to choose the doctrine true to our genius and to reject the rest. This has been the one single outstanding tenet that has made our institutions the symbol of freedom and equality. We have deemed it more costly to liberty to suppress a despised minority than to let them vent their spleen. We have above all else feared the political censor. We have wanted a land where our people can be exposed to all the diverse creeds and cultures of the world." Your comments appreciated.
  7. Censorship is not defined as not permitting a lewd ad going to children that is a fraud, full of malware if you go to the site and that they seek to lure you into signing up for no purpose other than identity theft.???????? If people want to join a meet and f... site that is their adult business, but being a follower of William Douglas and I doubt you know who that is, I am a purist on the first amendment. However that doe snot mean that censorship is defined in any way to not allow criminal behavior as they clearly have in many cases that have zero to do with free speech. Are you suggesting that the US and the States do away with their deceptive trade practices laws and let people be taken advantage of my unscrupulous or fraudulent people in the name of Free Speech? Cloudflare hosts pirate web sites like solar movies, movie 4k ect and these are not free speech sites , but sites making money giving away other people's property that affect Indy producers and blockbusters as well to infect visitors with malware. i do not think a slippery slope exists when private enterprise -different legally than governments- says you do not meet the qualifications of using my private services. No different than a company has a right to run a background check and say you based on your past and perhaps present are not worth to be with out company.
  8. I have spoken all the way up to the number 3 in command of Cloudlfare. They respond with utter nonsense- to wit: " Please be aware Cloudflare offers network service solutions, including a reverse proxy, pass-through security service and a content distribution network (CDN). Because Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, our IP addresses appear in whois and DNS records for websites using our services. Cloudflare is not a hosting provider, and we do not have access to our customer's content." You can go look at the TOS ( https://www.cloudflare.com/terms/ ) specifically sections 5, 7 and 11 and that is in complete contradiction of what their abuse dept. writes. Again you are WRONG about their attitude and I ask you to go listen to the YouTube video listed above and start at the 1:10:00 and listen for the first 2 questions and you tell me. They are making money as they did from 2016 to let the Russians run amok with their fraud and pron and identity theft sites.
  9. When are the blacklisters going to block Cloudflare as hosters of spam, terrorist activity, copyright infringements and on and on. I have little doubt in my mind that all of the Russian phony, identity thieving porn dating site nonsense that yahoo and others do not block is being paid for by Putin to Cloudflare. No question they sponsored Russian emails and sites that attacked our country during the 2016 elections. Prince- their President -can give his nonsensical answers and I can point you to some quite quickly, but he has a law degree and knows better. Bottom line is that for all the good Cloudflare does, they are EQUALLY as bad and allowing millions of pieces of fraud to flow to around the web. Some of the dating emails are loaded with porn photos and go to many children as well. go to the 1:10:00 segment of this discussion and see if you think he is nothing more than a liar and ask yourself, what is he hiding and are his excuses good enough to justify the amount of spam they allow. I would bet that Spamcops has sent more then 100-250k complaints to their abuse dept with no action. Tom in Dallas
  10. I am aware of the spammer rules, but call me dumb, which one relates to my conversation with andrew? Quadranet is a data center (along with other activities) and profess the integrity of that center to maintain clients. If they acknowledge that the same ip addresses that are assigned to them are being used in a nefarious way and indicate they will handle it and block the use of those ips and then, low and behold, the spammer is able to get back in and misuse their system once again- what are we left to think. The ip address I have listed are the same ones they use over and over. Sorry- if I have rental property and someone decided to setup a meth lab there and I obtain knowledge and continue to let is exist- there are severe penalties under the law that can apply to me as well. I would not expect SC to block a domain in this case and my argument it that there should have been enough hits to block the ip addresses. All the ip addresses were the same ones that they started using some 3 weeks ago.
  11. I am wondering how many people are getting this infuriating and phony spam about Lotto-Destroyer. First- a person or group that knows how to win the lotto would never sell it, but just go out and win the lotto. There are complete and and phony emails using addresses in London (a river- when you look it up) hall st in Vegas and there is not even a Hall St in all of Vegas, an address in Romania (do I need to say more and most recently the same Hall St address, but in Los Angeles (with the zip code of 991463??). These were originally coming from smartmail in London and I called and spoke to the owner and he closed a loophole they were exploiting. He then found a week later they had exploited another loophole and had to patch that as well. However the major offender here is Quadranet. I have sent more than 100 complaints to them and through spamcops- with them using the exact same vlan ips (,,,, and nothing seems to be done. I wrote the Support & Facilities Manager , Andrew Moore,who took time to research the issue (as their abuse dept is worthless). He wrote me back with the following: "Hi There, "Apologies for the delay in getting back with you on this – I have been reviewing this case. As of right now, I am showing that this is indeed a repetitive issue and we have blocked outgoing mail from this VLAN. Can you please let me know if the issue persists?" Still we get these junky, waste of time, fraudulent emails from the same ip's I am wondering if anyone else is having the problem and why SPAMCOPS refuses to put a block on the vlan addresses that are continuing to be a source of fraud? you can contact Andew at andrew dot moore at quadranet.com The time has come to start blacklisting these organizations like Quadranet, take legal actin against them. Once they have been made aware of clear violations of their TOS and they know that an attempt at fraud or fraud is being committed- then in front of a jury they, I bet they will find a way to take action to put an end to this. Comments and suggestions (beyond the banal or obvious) will be appreciated. Tom in Dallas
  12. well now, we finally get to the truth and my point is made. They are in a conspiracy and in fact a paid conspiracy in which they profit from. That provides both more from a civil and criminal liability. One or an entity cannot act as an agent for illegal activity and not be caught in the same net.
  13. Point is and apparently we agree to this- that Coudfare's excuse for not doing anything about spammers that Cloudfare knowingly allows them to use their system is a phony excuse. While they may not have access to the clients website, they do reserve that right and once made aware that a client is using Cloudfare as a cover for illegal activity, Cloudfare can well cancel them out and they simply refuse to do anything. Under the broad definitions used by the Justice Dept. they can quickly get thrown in the conspiracy basket and they should be. Once an example is set, then you will find industry compliance.
  14. From Cloudfare's own TOS published policy: SECTION 11: INVESTIGATION CloudFlare reserves the right to investigate you, your business, and/or your owners, officers, directors, managers, and other principals, your sites, and the materials comprising the sites at any time. These investigations will be conducted solely for CloudFlare’s benefit, and not for your benefit or that of any third party. If the investigation reveals any information, act, or omission, which in CloudFlare’s sole opinion, constitutes a violation of any local, state, federal, or foreign law or regulation, this Agreement, or is otherwise deemed harm the Service, CloudFlare may immediately shut down your access to the Service. You agree to waive any cause of action or claim you may have against CloudFlare for such action, including but not limited to any disruption to your website. You acknowledge that CloudFlare may, at its own discretion, reveal the information about your web server to alleged copyright holders or other complaintants who have filed complaints with us.
  15. You are completely wrong on a legal standpoint and it is worth the time and effort of lawsuit and referral to the FBI which I have already done through a friend who works with Interpol. You are suggesting transactional immunity. They have been made aware of and in a clear way by law enforcement (of which you do not need to see published) If you want to make an excuse for what would constitute a conspiracy to commit fraud and distribute obscene material to minors- I would welcome you make that argument in court. Further you attempt to talk down to me fails on a number of issues, most of which is that i am have been a computer engineer for more than 25 years and am certified in everything, minus Adobe and Autodesk. and manage some 14,000 computers as I write this. Instead of finding an excuse that is overloading our systems with junk and fraudulent emails only designed to steal from innocent victims, it might be more appreciated if you attempted to find a solution. Cloudflare is creating a problem, they could choose to control. Apparently their lack of ethics and profit motivation do not give them an incentive to do so. Thta leaves us with other resources that mean that public, civil and criminal pressure can be applied to force them to do what is right.Sorry, in the law, being a middleman does give you freedom from liability. You remind me of Condi Rice saying she had nothing to do with the torture issue- she only delivered orders. I would suggest you read transcriptions of the Nuremberg tails and international law to see how well your argument fits.
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