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  1. I recently configured the Mailhost settings on my SpamCop account for a GMail account, and today tried to report a spam sent to another entirely unrelated account from a spammer using GMail. SpamCop attributed this spam to an internal RFC1918 address in use inside GMail, and so did not report the message. This could make sense IF I was forwarding a GMail account to another address, but I'm not. Is there some trick that I'm missing to make it possible both to report mail TO a GMail account and mail FROM GMail to other accounts?
  2. Yeah, I had pretty much reached the same conclusion. Which is more generally described as: If you have 2 accounts, Me@Provider1 and Myself@Provider2, both with SpamCop Mailhosts configured on the same reporting account, then SpamCop won't target Provider2 with reports when Spammer@Provider2 spams Me@Provider1. Even more generally: It is harmful to add a Mailhost config for a retail mailbox provider to a SpamCop reporting account which has any other Mailhost config.
  3. Pretty sure that's not it. I re-added the Mailhost config for my GMail account (which SpamCop refuses to call anything but "SpamCop"...) and reparsed it, with the same result. Here's the tracking URL: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6477144961zebf7aa479fcb744ca74426bdf32308daz
  4. That's what I did to *CREATE* the problem. I *FIXED* it by whacking the Mailhost config for GMail. Now I can't report mail hitting my GMail account, but that's less important than being able to report GMail-originated spam in a way Google seems to not entirely ignore. The "entirely unrelated account" has its own pre-existing Mailhost config.
  5. That seems stale, and the reporting system says "I refuse to bother ip-box[at]ripn.net" The RIPE reply to a whois query lists that address in a comment but the actual records include: abuse-mailbox: abuse@nic.ru