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  1. Could someone at spamcop/cisco actually do this? Rather sooner than later. RIPE-db has official abuse-adress per IP prefix that is correct. Other RIR have adopted that to. We have over 800 customers that need to get abuse email sent to them and not to us. It's actually easy to get the right address. For RIPE, APNIC and AFRINIC region just use -b in the whois lookup. For ARIN region just use normal whois and filter out OrgAbuseEmail. For LACNIC they have a resource record for abuse-c.
  2. $ whois -h whois.ripe.net -b inetnum: - abuse-mailbox: abuse@inleed.se
  3. Shouldn't addresses like IPv4 Link-Local be handled in same way as RFC1918? Sort of: "move on to next received line".
  4. Hi, The first one has a "Recieved" with an IP-number that don't have a route in the routing table (BGP). It's also an early registration prefix. The prefix doesn't have a registration in APNIC that is responsible for the whois-db of The last "Received" is an RFC-1918-address. The only "real" IP-number in the Received headers is the outlook address If this is a real email it's Microsoft that is responsible for this weirdness.
  5. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse@mailchimp.com'
  6. Hi, Since several years ago the ripe-whois has a flag, -b, that lists the abuse contact if there is one. Three out of 5 RIR whois servers support this. RIPE NCC, APNIC and AFRINIC while LACNIC and ARIN don't. man whois | grep \\-b -b Return brief IP address ranges with abuse contact. An example that lead me here was this. Spamcop don't find abuse contact for But whois -h whois.ripe.net -b gets you inetnum: - abuse-mailbox: registry@tripnet.se
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