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  1. thank you very much, there was 2) nd situation
  2. sorry for question from newbie, last several month I reported spam as file attachments to e-mail submit.XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx@spam.spamcop.net and received submittals, now I am sending spam and don't receive submittals - why? Does Spamcom request submittals every time? Or report spam without submittals? No errors about this received
  3. sorry, I am at this forum for the 1st time, I am forwarding spam from my GMail account via https://www.spamcop.net/sc and it spends so much time - does anybody wrote an utility for Windows/Linux user desktops to access any e-mail account via POP3 and SMTP protocols and sent selected e-mails to SpamCop? (GMail only allows to forward e-mail one-by-one - costs much time). This utility could find itself the folder named spam at the user mailbox and suggest user to send all e-mails from it to Spamcop, also this utility could find all e-mails in user mailbox which sent from SpamCop's blacklisted sources and suggest user to delete them or move them to spam folder - this reduces time for user when he will not find an specific inbound e-mail in Inbox folder and will search it in spam folder - this will reduce the time of search the specific e-mails when Utility just deleted the spam e-mail already from spam folder. (This e-mail sent from SpamCop's blacklisted sources could also be forwarded to SpamCop). I could install such an Utility to users that not aware with computers and IT technologies to start it in schedule. I am not so aware in programming to make this Utility. Also it must be (could be) digitally signed by trusted vendor or Spamcop and downloaded from SpamCop site to not be compromised. 2. SpamCop could prove itself (like an legal entity) will not only collect spam sources into it's database, but also apply remedies against them, for example, regular judicial trials to whom that walked into blacklists - so users who sends spam e-mail to SpamCop database will sure their reports will help to struggle against spam, but not only will be received from SpamCop to administrators of servers that sends spam, but these administrators could participate in spam business - so reports from SpamCop to administrators of servers that sends spam could have no repercussions to anybody
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