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  1. Thanks. It's an extra step, but I'll do that when I am not able to report on the Spamcop webpage, which is quite rare. I won't use an email client.
  2. Hm. I think I just worked it out. On most sites, when "Signing in" to create a new user account, and entering email address, display name, and password, it is actually the email address and password that are the two login credentials. I just noticed that http://forum.spamcop.net/ uses the "Display name" as the account user name for logging in. I've been tricked into becoming used to entering email address and password over the last 5 or 10 years. <rolls eyes>
  3. I use Yahoo! Mail, since I want to be able to always access my email (irrespective of location and available hardware), and I can't find any "Forward as attachment" option. Do you happen to know if "Forward as attachment" actually just attaches a text file of the full email header?
  4. Yes, I am just trying exactly that. When resetting the password, the Spamcop instructions suggest using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, but we'll see, I've just had to reset it again (as suspected), and this time I'm using twelve uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers, with no symbols.
  5. I logged in for the first time in a long time yesterday. My account credentials weren't recognised, so I successfully went through the "Forgot password?" process. I set a new password consisting of 12 characters, including uppercass and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Yesterday's post received a reply, so I tried to login again. My new account credentials weren't recognised, so I successfully went through the "Forgot password?" process again. Thankfully,, I am logged in at the end of that process, which means that it is possible for me to write this post. I imagine that I will try to log in again tomorrow, and I strongly suspect that these new account credentials won't be recognised, either. Any suggestions? Sometimes, I have found (on other websites) that including symbols can render a password invalid, despite apparently being accepted.
  6. What does that mean? Does it mean that, instead of forwarding the spam email, I: 1. "Print" the email to PDF? (or maybe copy the full header and paste it to a text file?); and 2. Save the new document; and 3. Create a new email, addressed to submit.****************@spam.spamcop.net; and 4. Attach the new document; and 5. Send an empty email with the new document attached to ****************@spam.spamcop.net? This is a genuine question, as I'd really like to know how to go about it.
  7. When I'm logged in to https://www.spamcop.net/, I usually report spam emails using the spamcop webform on that page. Occasionally, I receive a message that the spam email couldn't be found from the full header, or some other reason that it could not be processed. The page says: "Forward your spam to: submit.****************@spam.spamcop.net" ... which I have tried dozens of times over the years, but it has not worked once. I tried it today, and then received an email from spamcop: SpamCop AutoResponder <spamcop@devnull.spamcop.net> Para:el_gallo_azul@yahoo.com lun., 22 jun. a las 11:17 SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email: Does forwarding an email actually work for anybody?
  8. For the last few days, a number of my https://www.spamcop.net/sc reports have been sent to domains@forona.com and postmaster@forona.com. I sent an email myself to those addresses yesterday in order to ask them to prevent their customer from using the domain to send spam, but: and I have just reported some spam today, and reports were sent to the same email addresses (see attached screenshot).
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