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  1. Not sure if I'm at the correct reply but I notice that the replies about changing the system over were from last week. I'm still attempting to just change signatures & delete an old identity but have been unable... I suppose I'll just wait (there is nothing earth shattering about either)...but will keep trying until something gets done.
  2. 18 April '06 15:24 I was able to log on just now....thank you. I'm sure that someone is almost bald now from tearing hair out in frustration. Again, I appreciate all your work...this is the first time I've experienced this kind of "down"-age. I repeat - my thanks to all who got us up and running again
  3. 18 April '06 1339 CDT As far as I can tell, webmail is unavailable, couldn't log in before, now can't even access the log in page....just a blank screen. I don't know what else to do except sign off & hope ya'll get it sorted out in a few hours. bcstones
  4. 18 April '06 13:34 CDT I can no longer even access the login page unless I completely go off net & then come back on. I'm really a neophyte understanding less than half of what the ya'll have proposed or have tried to do. All I know is I can't access webmail by any means anymore. What now? bcstones
  5. 18 April '06 13:25 Merlyn, Hate to tell you, but I can't access webmail....and I can get to all other portions of the site, just can't get to webmail. bcstones
  6. 18 April '06...13:18 CDT I can't get into the mail site either...just hit the log-in button & the message comes back "done" and then nothing. bcstones
  7. thank you all. Well, I was kinda suspecting something like this....from the responses of ConstantContact tech-support people. they too suggested a second e-mail account (not an issue for me...I had a couple of those before, however they were like spam-honey so I closed everything...that is much easier for me). Again thanks ya'll...tho I still think the long hard road of education is worth it, but realize in this high-speed computer world....not an option for most.
  8. I have a couple of friends who use ConstantContact for their email/newsletter lists. They are the only people who attempt to send me their newsletters which never even seem to get to SpamCop. I finally got ahold of their tech-support and found that ConstantContact goes over their lists and removes any e-address that involves SpamCop or Spamhaus. According to the tech, and he checked with his fellow tech (and supervisor, I think), this is because ConstantContact believes that these address are "traps". I explained that actually SpamCop does not do that and further, that I am the initiator of the report, not SpamCop. Didn't seem to make any difference. I told the tech that is sounded as if ConstantContact found it easier to "blacklist" the agency who reports spam rather than deal with a paying customer who is a spammer. (he didn't have any real response to that statement). Any idea how to educate ConstantContact?
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