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  1. I'm not sure that ya'll are getting what Constant Contact is...a business will set up a list thru Constant Contact. When the business sends out it's 'notices', it just hits that link that allows Constant Contact to send out the emails. Constant Contact is the one blocking any email to 'spamcop'/'spamhaus' not the business. I didn't find out that emails were being blocked until a friend called me and asked why I was blocking his emails. He was actually using the email service of the local ISP. When I contacted the ISP, I was told they had nothing to do with it, it was the listing service they used...Constant Contact. This also happened with a bookstore who was trying to send me notices of what was going on there. And my Storytellers Guild can't contact me cuz they use Constant Contact to send out emails. Constant Contact does not want to know what their business 'contacts' are sending out...if it's legitimate notices/emails or spam.
  2. I'm not a user of Constant Contact...but I have been blocked from receiving emails from those who use their lists, 3 times that I know of over the past 5 years. So I don't think much of them. I've spoken to both the users and a couple of different supervisors at Constant Contact - any email from 'spamcop' or 'spamhaus' is blocked/prevented from being sent. They attempted to claim that just the use of the word 'spam' makes it spam. I suggested that perhaps since the sending of "spam" is illegal that those who allow spammers might be held partially responsible in our legal system. I also suggested that perhaps since spammers use listing services like theirs and pay for that 'privilege' Constant Contact doesn't want to lose business so they just block email going to someone who might report the spammers. As far as I'm concerned Constant Contact is just a willing tool of the spammers. I also asked about this a year or so ago in this forum & got more or less blown off cuz noone could believe that any business would actually have that as an actual practice. Nice to see that it's actually being considered now.
  3. Just a final post (for me), my friends business was a bookstore. A writer friend of their gave them that listing service (that blocked any email TO spamcop). The writer had first signed on to that service when living in Colorado, & is now living in New Mexico, still keeping contact via that same service (the writer had a writing workshop for a time thru a local NPR station). A Storytellers Guild got the listing service from the bookstore a while back & uses that service now (they also had a 'gvtc.com' email account so I thought when there was problem that it was due to the listing service of the store/writer/guild not the GVTC service). I don't know how a listing service can "block" or "scrub" outgoing email, but there are at least two. My original question (which I guess can't really be asnwered) was to find out how prevelant this problem is...who knows, kinda like peace & war - you think you're in 'peace' until 'war' touches you personally. Again, I truely appreciate all the input. It has been a learning experience for me. Thank you all the magic word (as it was told to me) is 'spamcop' - the entire domain name of spamcop and/or spamhaus.
  4. I'll just close this. The listing agent for the business is still being used by my friend in her business & GVTC is using a list that does the same thing, so as far as I can see that's not 5 years apart. I don't have the knowledge to do what you ask, I'm barely computer-literate. I don't really understand what you're asking. So if you really want to know call GVTC at their 1-800 number or email them for that information. I truely appreciate all the help & information that has been listed, it's now at a technical point in the discussion that is way over my head. Thank you all.
  5. Thank you. What I don't understand is "The information given to you by the ISP was flawed..." Please understand email being sent to domain spamcop/spamhaus IS NOT being sent, it IS blocked by whomever GVTC is using for 'listing'. The reason given is the exact same reason I ran across 5 years or so ago by a listing service used by a friend for her business. I was not receiving newletters. So I phoned that service, who acknowledged they removed any email going to the spamcop/spamhaus domain. There was little I could do except get an alternative email, which I did. The point is that both listing service, then and now, say the same thing..."flawed" reasoning perhaps, but actual information totally true - the blocking is going on at this time and probably by at least two listing services..."common"? well perhaps not but GVTC provides services to a huge chunk of South Central Texas and that other listing service is one still operating for various business' nationwide. I too have been a SpamCop user for years, but I do wonder about the prevalence of this blackballing.
  6. I wish I knew more about systems & such. I have a spamcop account (I also have an alternative account elsewhere). GVTC put down/owns the fibreoptics used in this sector of semi-rural Texas. When someone using their email system (gvtc.com) attempt to send an email to a spamcop (or spamhaus) address, it is automatically blocked. That sender receives a message the email is 'undeliverable'. As far as I know, I can send emails to a gvtc.com address, so I'm not being blocked when I use my spamcop address. When I phoned GVTC to inquire I spoke with a man here in Texas, not Kansas. He attempted to send me an email going thru the normal gvtc.com & received that message. He told me that when he checked (somehow) that it was the List that GVTC uses. I told him SpamCop did not send spam, it reported spam. All he could say was that that was why email being sent to me was being blocked. He gave me an address to check (it was one of the two someone above mentioned) I did & it was a SpamAssasin site. It did not make sense that the filter used by SpamCop would also be the filter that blocked email from being sent. Since this is not the first time email has been blocked from being sent (it was from a friends business who used a list from some provider - the same reason was given, that all emails being sent to the spamcop/spamhaus domain was removed before it left). So I posted my original question which was supposed to question - just how prevelant is this practive of blocking emails being sent to spamcop/spamhaus? I don't know if ya'll can even answer if you're not aware of a problem, if it even exists in any large manner or not. But I was curious if others had had this same problem.
  7. I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about, tho pretty sure port 25 is not what is in use. I use a MAC running OS 10.4.11. I don't have any problems sending email the only problem that exists is the listing agency blocks anyone from sending email to the spamcop domain.
  8. I don't have a choice, the ISP owns the fiberoptics, even if I wanted to use another provider I would still have to pay to access that provider. that is correct, it's not being bounced, it's being blocked by the listing thingy that the ISP is now using. yes, someone is attempting to send me a regular email. The ISP list does not allow any email going to the domain "spamcop" or "spamhaus". "Blocked" is a better term for what is happening. this is not the first time I have come across this where some listing agency has blocked regular email being sent to me at my 'spamcop' address. That time I did get the supervisor of the listing place to admit that there were too many reports of 'spam' coming from 'spamcop' & they did not want to do anything. Sure sounds like to me that the listing agency knew they were being used by spammers but didn't want to kill the goose - that was paying them.
  9. "...SpamCop doesn't really care all that much about the bounces -- SpamCop isn't hurt by such action..." Which is kinda sorta what I told the tech, however while SpamCop may not be hurt, the people trying to get in touch with me ARE. "...your response should be to take your business to a provider that doesn't take such a cavalier attitude towards it subscribers..." This is semi-rural Texas & I have to use at least their system to access the web & most of the people in this part of the county use their emailing service. Besides it's not their attitude that sucks but their listing service. This is the second time I've come across a listing service that has blocked any messages going to spamcop or spamhaus. Just how pervasive is this?
  10. A few minutes ago, I was told by a tech at gvtc.com (a local ISP) that anyone attempting to email me at my spamcop.net address would have their email bounced back...something to do with the list service they used. The tech said that all Spamcop had to do was request to be removed...I told him that I suspected that Spamcop/Spamhaus were being blacklisted BECAUSE they reported spam & the list was covering (& making their $'s) for spammers. Further I was directed to http://www.rulesemporium.com/cgi-bin/uribl.cgi for any further questions...I tried but got nowhere (as far as these old brain cells could tell), but did learn that the site is hosted or connected to SpamAssasin. Isn't that the service used here? What is going on?
  11. Just now I'm having the same problem, from my home with iMAC running OS 10.4.10 & Firefox And now all of a sudden (after an hour or so) I can access SpamCop email - do you know what happened? Thanks, I appreciate your time & effort.
  12. I tried the "greylist" & it did cut down the spam significantly. However the reason I use SpamCop is to report spam, not just delete/block the stuff (I can get that done for free by other providers). So as long as I'm paying for your service, I prefer to report all the *![at]#!!* :angry: stuff. Thanks. bcstones
  13. "...spam submittals to the spamcop.net parser are handled as spam .... content is not evaluated in and of itself ..." That answers my basic question. I'll try to find the links you mentioned. (I did use the FAQ links above - however I'm not as proficient as most of you seem) Thanks again.
  14. I searched the FAQ sites but didn't find anything that seemed to fit. So what are the "...'other places' and 'other lists'..." that you mentioned. I don't open that junk so I don't know what it's about, all I was asking in the beginning was how SpamCop handles the spam that might involve child porn - do they handle it just like anyother form of spam or is there any link to whatever you're talking about - "...the 'fridge' at the FTC (spam[at]uce.gov address)..." {whatever that is?}.
  15. Well, child porn is an international problem & against a number of 'foreign' countries (if I remember correctly). So "...maybe beyond the reach of the FBI..." but perhaps there is some cooperativeness? Don't know until you contact your local FBI office & ask.
  16. In the past two weeks I've received a number of emails toting their "Child Porn...aged 9-14 year old's"...amongst all the rest of viagra, XXX, stock market, etc junk I've reported them via here but wondered if ya'll also reported these emails to the FBI? (additional) Actually more wondering if 'SpamCop' does any of the reporting to FBI when the "Child Porn" stuff just gets reported as spam by us (as opposed to what individuals do with that bovine scat).
  17. No I did not report it in Beta...I only went there once, maybe twice and just hoped that others would find it as irritating or as cumbersome as I did or anything that would change it. The feature writes over what is already there making it absolutely impossible to read either. I have a bit of light sensitivity & have my preferences (OS, browser...anywhere I can think of) to mute brightness & colors as well to have all incoming "stuff" convert to my preferences. I don't have any intention of changing what is comfortable just so a new system can run flawless. And Yes it does irritate to the extent similiar if you look into the noon sun for a while- sorry about the anger but it's there, amid the pain of looking at something I don't have to...so how do I go about the change/unless there is a fix for the current system?
  18. Check your prefenences on the MAC (are you running the new Intel & OS X.4.something?). Also &/or try to download to the Desktop, then either double click to open with Preview or drag the file to the Acrobat Reader icon. Good luck. (I also use Firefox & have an Intel iMAC...that I'm trying to learn).
  19. I have a HUGE problem with the message viewing...I don't like the drop down feature when touching the message or the subject line. I disengaged from the Beta cuz of this, it's just way too distracting as well as irritating. I'm perfectly capable of reading the senders address in the header. I don't need to see it again in that "thing" now. I don't need to see the same subject 'dropped' down again when I hit the subject. I was prefectly capable of striking my enter key to view a message. If this can be changed in the "Option" section, please tell me how. I've just spent a very frustrating 30 minutes - not being able to change that feature. Thanks FAC Yes, I also have this same constant "login" problem. I guess I didn't stay in the Beta long enough to notice it. I check my mail almost as often & sometimes I have to login in the same tab & sometimes for some reason, the login begins a new tab. I sure hope all problems can be solved. Thank you FAC
  20. I stepped away from computer for a couple of minutes (I was already logged onto SpamCop) and when I got back, in response to a notice that I had mail in Held folder, I tried to open that folder...getting routed to the log-in page. When I tried to log on I got this message (and continue to get the same): "Login failed for some reason. Make sure you use your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS as the username." Well obviously I can log into Discussions, but not Mail. What's going on?
  21. It's Monday afternoon here...I was able to delete an old identity (yesterday/Sunday) but stillnnot able to remove/change signatures (have tried off & on since then). I did fill out report form yesterday as requested by the Announcement but have heard nothing since...and seen no response in this forum either. Am I just too quick? Is it just me? None of this is earth-shaking for me, I don't seem to have any problems accessing email that I notice has been on the forums here so I guess I'm quite lucky (knock on wood - well faux wood anyway)
  22. Thanks, I'd already done what you mentioned before I posted...I appreciate your time. I agree some changes & fixes take a while. I'll wait the weekend before I attempt any of my changes - to see if your changes have taken place Thanks again.
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