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  1. WarningU2

    Unable To Configure Mail Host

    Richard spam Cop administered advised by email that ... Thanks Richard for your assistance.
  2. WarningU2

    Unable To Configure Mail Host

    Ok thanks for the non response. I'll use another tool. Bye
  3. I am receiving the following after I try to configure my mailhosts. I haven't used Spamcop for sometime but I seem to be getting a lot of spam all of a sudden so went to use it today and I needed to configure this. I get to step 2 to send me an email and I receive this: I removed my actual email address in the above text. I have added service@admin.spamcop.net to the safe list at network solutions email account, and checked http://emailadmin.registeredsite.com for my IP and it is not blocked. (Bell Canada user) The IP address that appears above is blocked. Not sure what that is in the message above or if its relevant. It doesn't appear in WHOIS. What am I doing wrong?