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    Whole country banned

    I have been trying to send email since Saturday to a number of addresses in Australia, but it appears that the whole of Solomon Islands has been banned by spamcop (ie anything originating from telekom.net.sb). As that is the only ISP in the country, we have a problem. It does appear that someone has used at least one telekom address to send spam (I received one myself at my ozemail address), but it is overkill to ban a whole country. I have reported it at this end, and I am hoping something can be done about it.
  2. Ozziegiraffe

    Whole country banned

    Thank you everyone who got involved. I have not been near my computer for a couple of days for various reasons. Have sent some test messages tonight.
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    Solomon Islands

    ...Yes, I agree in principle but I don't often see in these fora the "very hard time" to which you refer, especially as distinguished from the usual harsh greetings on the newsgroups. Also, a lot of what some people seem to feel is a "very hard time" is actually just the necessary request for information needed to help resolve the problem. I guess when I referred to the way I was treated, I didn't feel it was a "very hard time", but rather that people thought everyone should understand acronyms and jargon, or even know about acronymfinder. I think if people are here to help newbies with problems, it would save a lot of time if they explained things properly, and didn't abbreviate. We come from all over the world, and speak different versions of English, after all.
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    Whole country banned

    Quote:"An e-mail sent to Deputies with some of the issues raised here, but the question is ...." But how does one do that? That is what I was hoping to be able to do in the first place. Incidentally, Spambo and Miss Betsy, it was RFC that I have never heard of before. I am not sure if it is an interent thing or an SMS thing, but we don't have SMS here. I think I sent the IP address and had already looked up what was referred to on the Spamcop website. I have basically done everything that was suggested except look up everything on the website, as that is what I don't have either the time or money to do. The following is the reply from the ISP's Manager of Information Systems, who, incidentally, has worked with some pretty big internet providers in Australia before he came here: Thanks for the feedback, I expect we will have this matter under better control by the end of the week, it is probably being caused by the email server platform migration we are performing, specifically the "hiding" of the source IP problem. I note some of the discussion in the email below is not accurately representing the situation here in the Solomon Island but as it is not really relevant to the problem at hand I will not make an effort to correct it. It would be helpful if Spamcop provided some feedback on the email sent to their secret spam trap addresses but if that is not possible we will look at what needs to be done once the migration is complete if the listing continues.
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    Whole country banned

    Thank you for the new replies. I am goinng to copy them and forward them to my ISP. Meanwhile, Spambo, could you please avoid using initials and acronyms with newbies like me, as they are mere gobbledegook, and I have no idea what you are talking about. You would probably react in the same way if I wrote psychological jargon and acronyms to you.
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    Whole country banned

    First, all of you supposed experts are being pretty hard on a Newby. I am not angry, just frustrated. I am here in Solomon Islands working as a volunteer helping to set up the first Women's Refuge in the country, and I cannot contact many of the people who are supporting me at home, except through webmail. Second, all email other than webmail in this country goes through Telekom, which has a government approved monopoly on telecommunication, and I have already been in touch with them. Third, all internet access in this country is very slow, very expensive and paid by the minute, so I cannot spend hours, even if I had the spare time, researching the problem. I was hoping I could email someone at Spamcop, but there is no link on the site to do this. I have an income this year of $100AUD a month, apart from my savings - so I haven't the financial resources either. The code on the numerous rejections is - I'm assuming that that is what your jargon is referring to. Heaven help the average email user in this country - they know even less than I do. Now i am going out of town to where there is no power or sewerage, and all the water comes in tanks, and won't be back till tomorrow evening. i hope someone more helpful and less sarcastic is available to help by the time I look again.