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  1. why this remark about my previous posts on here? If there is a problem with spamcops service I have mentioned it. If you dont want people to post about problems, say so. I thought I was a customer. silly me.
  2. Im getting some really lame viruses veing sent to me from spoofed addresses with unkown dates. surely spamcops syetm can filter these, or give me the option to do so?
  3. I understand, but its insane surely given the number of different networks and ISPs involved in a spammer spamming me, that its only the very last point, the client end that the spam is identified? surely the senders ISP, or some earlier link in the chain can at the very least spot really obvious spam like "get cheap viagra now!" and nuke it before it clogs up bandwidth elsewhere? it seems like we only spot spam at the end of its journey, not the start. For borderline cases thats desirable, but for real obvious heavily reported spams? surely it can be blocked earlier?
  4. Hi, I own positech.co.uk, and get a lot of crappy attempts at viruses spams and such from 'admin[at]positech.co.uk' that are obviously spoofed. I NEVER use admin[at]positech.coi.uk myself, so I am all in favour of this address being totally blocked by everyone everywhere. Obviously I dont want my domain on a blacklist!, but as I know 100% that this address is ALWAYS spam, isn't there anything I can do to help people by listing this? Im getting maybe 300 spams in the held mail per day, and its sad because they are such obvious spam thats its a miracle they get past a single router on their way to me, let alone get delivered as far as spamcop ;(
  5. Just had 2 spams slips through the system pimping some pathetic viagra site. also got some dodgy child porn geocities redirect spam earlier. anyway... is it possible to detect whether an email contains html content and reject it then? I am not interested in anyone sending HTML formatted mail. I view in text mode only as a precaution, but im 99% certain an HTML mail to me (especially one referencing external images) is junk. Is this technically easy?
  6. i agree. After all, its not like anyone harvests forums for email addresses, that would be illegal, and Im sure the person sending you top tips of viagra is just a legitimate businessman, and all legitimate businesses like to be contacted right?
  7. its the custom filters. i have a whole bunch that filter out mail bounces by subject as i get lots of them from scumbag spammers forging my return address. They are seeming to die lately, with some messages ebing blatantly ignroed by the filters. any ideas why?
  8. All webmail filters on my account have failed as of yesterday. They are now toitally ignored, and I ahve touched nothing. Is this just a random problem or is everyone getting this?
  9. seem to be dying on me... and on another note, here are two feature requests: Option to delete AND purge in one mouseclick. One-click option to blacklist an email address. any chance?
  10. Im getting false positives, but get about 2000 spams from idiots a day so cant lower the blacklist level anyway... ive set up a filter to always deliver email to address X t my inbox so i always get mails to that address. but will the blacklists come into force first? if spamhaus or spmacop or whatever has blacklisted whole domains that I have customers in, I still need to get their emails. So i need the filter to override the blacklist. is this how it works?
  11. meaning my spamcop webmail filters and delete button are totally useless. Just one more reason not to renew my membership.
  12. I get a lot more spoofed mail bounces and sad attempts at virii than i do spam. Unfortunately i havent found a system (including spamcop) that allows me to do the following: 1) One-click blacklisting of an address (personal blacklist) without having to open the email 2)Filtering by attachment extension. This would be highly effective. I dont know anyone stupid enough to legitimately email me a .scr, .pif or .com file, and have no interest in receiving them. I cant block al attachments because sometimes i get very important ones. Is it possible for spamcop to introduce should features? I think that 2) especially would be a very very popular feature. Thanks
  13. mail downtime isn't a disaster as long as its only a few hours. but if emails get lost, this could be very bad for spamcops reputation.
  14. cant access the webmail page at all, other spamcop pages are fine.is this a problem at spamcops end? its 8am GMT.
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