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  1. Thanks, lisati, got that. But what is the point of doing the mailhosting registration and all that? And I have another question - how do you deal with the increasing amount of spam that comes in with no headers? Getting to be more and more of that. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm so sorry if this is included elsewhere - I've searched, but many dead topic threads and no answer that I can find. Now that I've registered my mail accounts for the the accounts I wish to report spam for (included @me and one other domain), what happens next? This isn't really clear in the MailHost info tab. Does spam still come to my Apple Mail Client? Do I do the same process of reporting spam (Junk)? Do I still Report via the Report spam tab (after 3 days per instructions) And if so, what was the point of registering my mailhosts? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, Just was wanting the other details to setting up the Spamcop account. What is the email address we use? Which password - the one for the account, or for the Forum, or?... What's the outgoing server name? Thanks!
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