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  1. Okay, thank you for the explanation - I understand the argumentation
  2. #1 Yes, I learn from this for the future #2. Yes, I sended the mail to my defined address and this was sent to spamcop. The test should check if the forwarding of the mail was successfull (yes) and if the configuration auf quick reporting is okay. Here is the problem: Spamcop identified me as the source of the spam although I added my mailhost to the list of own mailhosts. I thought, if I add the mailhost to the list of own mailhosts, Spamcop wouldn't identify my own mailhosts as source of my reported spam.
  3. Hello, I established different mailhosts in my quick reporting configuration. On my primary mailhost I use maildrop to send incoming mails on defnied mail adresses (which receive only spam) to my quick reporting adress. Now I wanted to check the functionality of my configuration and send test mail to my defined mail address and my mailhost send this testmail to spamcop (as I wished). But Spamcop identified my primary mailhost now as spam source altough I added this mailhost to the list of my mailhosts in spamcop-configuration. What can I do?
  4. Hello, tank you for your answer. That's was the solution I absolutely agree with you that's is very confusing.
  5. Hello, I choosed in the preferences the option "Leave spam copies intact" and report my spam by quick reporting. But when I look in the reports in the web interface, then I see that my email adresses was munged. For example in the report 6677427600 I see this header: To: <x> In the original mail there stand a email adress of my domain. I report emails of different mail accounts with endless mail adresses (similar like catch-all on different domains)
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