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  1. Embarrassed newbie here--cannot even nav through the forums well...sigh. Okay, here's my "boggle": 1. i have an email filtering account. I have the POP configured for SC to go to my ISP and POPout the emails. (NOT the 'forwarding option') That works fine, and i have Outlook check SC mail servers and that all comes in fine. 2. my problem is that i cannot SEND with my old ISP address. When i configure the SMTP-out for SC, i use the SMTP server for my ISP (as per instructions), but that requires my ISP.com, and they wont take the SC.com address i use for the POP. Nothing's getting OUT. I want to be able to respond to sc-popped email using my REGULAR eID[at]ISP.com, and NOT my eID[at]spamcop.com... i cannot use the service without being able to respond from my public ISP address... (I use Outlook 2000 SP3). i am sure someone else has had this issue--can someone point me to the relevant discussion??? thanks SO MUCH.
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