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  1. It looks like nobody is going to fix the bug, so this is what a new user should do to create a new account: locate the file captcha.js and edit line #18 as explained here, save captcha.js and reload the webpage, forcing the new captcha.js to load. On Chrome, and all Chromium-based browsers, this can be done in two ways: > saving captcha.js locally (best way, IMO), or > setting a breakpoint before line #18, reloading the webpage and then editing captcha.js (to set a breakpoint you just have to click the line number). HTH
  2. It happens with any browser (Windows 10). I solved by fixing the java scri_pt code and re-executing it with the debugger. However, I don't think the average user would ever do that.
  3. https://www.spamcop.net/anonsignup.shtml The captcha is broken and should be fixed. Thank you.
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    Strange. I also sent them a message but they didn't respond.
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    Is KnujOn still working? This is what I read in my page: Report Index for [myusername] updated Wed Mar 29 12:20:15 EDT 2017 I have been uploading spam every day, so I suppose they haven't processed any emails for four months. If the website is not working anymore, I will stop uploading stuff. Any news?
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