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  1. Thanks for the IMAP setup hint.... the remaining 5000 messages were removed in about 5 minutes. And this time there was actually a false positive included in the "pile".... so I avoided missing that. Thanks, Malcolm
  2. sonic

    Webmail down?

    Seems to be fixed for me now. Near London UK. Malcolm
  3. I've just had a "flood" of uncollected mail come through... this may just be temporary... but I did nothing to prompt it this time... Malcolm
  4. I've got the same problem.... clicking "Modify" generally allows it to work for a while... I'm also in the UK... trying to contact pop.ntlworld.com Strangely, only the busy one says "unable to contact server" the other two which fetch mail from other ntlworld accounts are "OK". I'll do the "Problem" thing to.... Fingers crossed this'll get sorted soon. Malcolm
  5. sonic

    Lost POP mail?

    I don't want a fight... just an explanation... And there is no backup of e-mails. As it happens, I was able to view most of the "lost" mails before they were popped, as I put a stop on spamcop popping when I detected a problem... So I've seen the message, but I don't have the copy in my archive. All I want to understand is where spamcop has put the mail it popped... ie how does it get into my Inbox or Held Mail folder ? Is it re-mailed by spamcop ? In which case I guess it could have been bounced... but I've seen no record of this - I sent various tests to myself, and yahoo groups records bounced messages. Can JT explain what happens to mail after it is popped ? If the mail is lost it is frustrating, but not the end of the world. Thanks, Malcolm
  6. sonic

    Lost POP mail?

    OK, this mail was on an alternate e-mail account... spamcop popped it... yet it never arrived in Inbox or Held Mail. New mails are working OK... but I have a black hole for most of yesterday... Malcolm
  7. sonic

    Lost POP mail?

    Still no sign of mail that was definitely picked up by spamcop approx 24 hours since... Can someone please let us know what is happening.. ? Thanks, Malcolm
  8. Some are... but a lot less than normal.... My address xxxxx[at]spamcop.net is spammed occasionally... but comparatively less than other accounts that have been similarly "in the wild". Malcolm
  9. sonic

    Lost POP mail?

    Just to add what I'm seeing... first my set up... mail to various accounts, all popped by spamcop Yesterday a few mails I know were sent never arrived (from yahoo groups). I didn't notice a problem until this morning... when I thought the problem was with one of the other accounts... I then discovered spamcop problems. At about 1600 GMT today things seemed to get better... so I re-enabled the popping from the remote accounts. Some mail has arrived... but some is still in the void. Currently, I've turned off all popping, so that the mail isn't lost. Fingers crossed the mail will arrive sometime... Any updates on the situation appreciated. Thanks, Malcolm
  10. sonic

    Is SC/SpamAssassin broken

    The POP sonic is referring to is the one where spamcop POP's your other accounts to bring the message through the filters. You may not be doing this as you may have your messages forwarded by your other accounts to spamcop. Your message sounds like you are popping the messages from spamcop every minute. That would not affect what sonic stated. Steven is correct... the timing of spamcop popping my various accounts is, as far as I know, a standard, unconfigurable value (ie always about 10 mins). If the mail arrives in the remote mailbox just after a pop is done, you have a full 10 minutes for some other users / spam traps to report the user. Obviously, this will probably average out to about 5 mins overall - but I find I get less "false negatives" by waiting a little longer for my mail to arrive.. YMMV Malcolm
  11. sonic

    Is SC/SpamAssassin broken

    I've noticed that.... what I suspect is happening, is that for whatever reason (new system/IP address etc) the offender is not on the SCBL. When spam is sent to your other addresses it can take upto 10 minutes before it reaches your inbox (because the POP operation happens only every 10 mins or so). That 10 minutes, is probably enough for spam traps/other users to have reported the spam, and subsequently it is on the SCBL, and as such gets "held". I used to have my mail from Yahoo!Groups! going direct to my spamcop address, and as one of the xxxx-owner addresses was being spammed fairly regularly, these were often getting through. Having modified it to go to another address, which spamcop then popped, the mail was almost always "held". I've been trying to reduce my own spam totals recently, and have two accounts which were overrun. One was my own fault as it had been on a webpage "undisguised", as well as posting to newsgroups etc etc. The other had been "guessed" by the spammers - and completely massacred (100 spams per day at least). As an experiment, I've stopped popping those accounts, and whilst I post with my spamcop address undisguised - it has relatively few spam messages (10 or so per day). Maybe spammers aren't as stupid as we thought they were !!! Malcolm
  12. And its now working for me again...
  13. When attempting to either quick report, or submit for reporting, I get the following error lines putRow Error writing file '/var/db/mysql/newspace/waggoner-bin.192' (Errcode: 28) (3)/reportheld? putRow Error writing file '/var/db/mysql/newspace/waggoner-bin.192' (Errcode: 28) (3)/reportheld? Database error submitting spam for reporting. Moved message 26345 to trash This has only just started happening, but appears consistant at the moment.
  14. sonic

    webmail down

    Sorry for the lack of details... day job getting in the way... Just to report, that it is now working fine from ntlworld. It looks like there was some sort of firewall restriction being imposed... but I can't explain it, other than to say it is now working... Malcolm