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  1. Spamcop spam reporting form asks to submit entire email. "Paste entire spam (headers, blank line, body) ". Is it ok to submit doctored email rfc822 source with some header information removed? Maybe user does not want to disclose X-spam or SPF data to people, who get spamcop reports.
  2. dzekas = Tomas Fix was tested on paid spamcop account. In 1.5.2cvs fix removed free/paid service type options and left only members.spamcop.net/sc form. In 1.4.8cvs www.spamcop.net/sc form action was replaced with members.spamcop.net/sc action.
  3. If web reporting option is selected, SquirrelMail Spamcop plugin provides simple html form that allows to submit spam email. spam email source is included automatically in hidden form field. Could you confirm that http://members.spamcop.net/sc form address is valid it will ask for user's login information in HTTP Auth or any other login prompt form won't lose spam email during authentication form will work with free and paid reporters Link to SquirrelMail bug report
  4. Webbased reporting system uses toLocaleString java scri_pt function to display localized date string. Character set used in generated string does not match character set that is used in interface. Used browser: Mozilla Firefox, default charset=utf-8, preferred languages = Lithuanian, English Can't see any interface settings that set my timezone. Date string from spam reporting interface ----- News: (Last Modified: 2005 m. gruodžio 08 d. 22:16:12 +0200) ----- correct string should use small latin z with caron instead of ž. These two symbols are utf-8 encoded z caron displayed in iso-8859-1 character set.
  5. Spamcop mailhost registration scripts fail to parse confirmation email and return "Source IP not found" error. ------------------------------------ Subject: Spamcop account configuration: error From: "SpamCop robot" <spamcop[at]devnull.spamcop.net> Hello SpamCop user, Sorry, but SpamCop has encountered errors: Source IP not found. Your email host does not appear to correctly identify the sending IP of the email you receive. The last address identified by your mail host was (). This does not appear to be a spamcop.net address. If you feel this is in error, please try again or seek help in the SpamCop help forum: <http://www.spamcop.net/help.shtml> ------------------------- Ok, I should have read pinned messages. what's the use of the forums, if all solutions are posted in private emails. I have't modified IP address, only names of my mail servers and email address.
  6. It is impossible to add mailhost, if mailhost uses greylisting. spamcop's cgi gets 450 error and does not allow resending confirmation email. Error is temporally. Error message says "retry in n seconds". I can hit Back and retry posting later, but it would be nicer to have button that does same thing. This is just feature suggestion.
  7. one more problem. spamcop can find own address in received: headers. "mail.domain.tld" is mail server name. same as in DNS MX records for somedomain.tld. "user[at]somedomain.tld" is email address I want to register. This is first and second Received: headers. If you need unmodified email headers - contact me in private email. If something is wrong with that email server, let me know.
  8. If mail server uses greylisting, it reject first connection attempt with 450 error. Second connection attempt with same address should work. Is it possible to provide "retry" button, that does not change # The IP address of the host attempting the delivery # The envelope sender address # The envelope recipient address
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