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  1. Ouch.......the mole option has effectively made my job impossible. I no longer have any way of policing my customers. I no longer have a way of protecting the legitimate users from the actions of the abusers. In my eyes, SpamCop just went from being anti-spam to completely useless. I've heard it said over and over that the only way to get the spam to stop was to hold ISP's and mail admins responsible for the actions of their users. Now, because of this nonsense, we can't even be responsible for their actions because we don't know who did what. :angry:
  2. One of our servers,, is currently listed on the SpamCop blackhole list. In the past, we've received notifications when a report to SpamCop was made, usually both by SpamCop and by our ISP. Upon receiving those reports, we've been very active in identifying which of our customers sent the offending email and contacting them to make sure it does not happen again. Despite the fact that there is a valid postmaster and abuse email address for the server which ends up in my personal mailbox, we ended up on the blackhole list without a warning though it would appear we've been reported more than once in the past week. The ability to correct the problem on our own end has been effectively taken away from us because of this. We really need to know if one of our customers is abusing their emailing privileges. Did something at SpamCop change with regards to notifications? Was there something I missed that could have prevented the listing? If a report was sent, is there any way to tell to what email address it was sent? And is there any way to tell when the last report was made so we know when the 48 hour clock was ticking? Any help rendered would be greatly appreciated.
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