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  1. Sorry for the mispost, I thought this was for spam Cop Mail since I subscribe to spam cop. And it is (a) that I am talking about, spam Cop quick reporting data.
  2. I used to get a copy of the report that spam Cop sends out sent to my POP account. I no longer receive any copies. Has there been a change or is this service no longer provided.
  3. I too, have not received any email since Sunday. I sent myself two test messages and neither one has been forwarded. I have ordered several items on line and the emails that the companies have sent me have not been forwarded through Spamcop. Something is wrong.
  4. When I try to login all I can get is page not displayed. I am unable to even access the Spamcop webmail.
  5. Problem solved. Thanks for all your assistance Steven. The block all works and enables me to selectively add to my whitelist. Us old coots get lazy and I just wanted to see if there was a way to populate the whitelist without having to type in every email address. Time isn't money to me, it's life. Thanks again. You're a star.
  6. Set the filter to block all. Sent test mail from wife's account. It came right on through like SpamCop never saw it. Tried this three times, same result. Will try to have a friend email me and see what happens.
  7. Thanks for the reply Steven. I'm not really sure. Basically, and I should have explained it further, what I want to do is since I am just starting up, have every email that comes in go directly to the held mail folder. That way I can forward it and add the sender to my whitelist at the same time. Also, please forgive for any grievous errors. This is my first time ever using a forum of any kind.
  8. I purchased SpamCop yesterday. I really have no major problems setting up my account, save one minor problem. Is it possible to have all mail sent to the held mail folder for starters?
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