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  1. Thanks, Steven, I will try that route instead. Is there any numerical limit on each user's held mail of which you are aware? I have been accumulating >1,500/week, or thereabouts. I know that this amount of undeleted mail on my own ISP's mail server would have caused major problems--but I suppose this will be in my Trash folder and not on spam Cop's server, so it shouldn't matter much. Thanks for your great suggestion!
  2. Yes, I have a Trash folder. It just seems like a lot of make-work to have to manually empty the Held Mail folder to the Trash, and then Empty Trash (several times a week). Isn't there a way to set up a Filter Rule to perform this function? What does the "Discard" function in the Filter Rules actually do?
  3. For those of you more familiar with the workings of Filter Rules, is this a valid Filter Rule? Self-Defined Header <X-SpamCop-Disposition> <Contains> <Blocked> Do This <Discard:> Seems to me it should be valid and work, but all the "discarded" spam still seems to end up in my "Held Mail" folder, and I get "Held Mail" reports about it. What does "discard" actually do? Is there a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do, which is to just make all the mail SpamCop tags as spam go away, without my ever having to see it or deal with it?
  4. Sorry, Wazoo. I should have posted a link. Also see my apology to you in the other thread, where you obviously spent a lot of time typing in a very helpful response. I will be more careful next time.
  5. Thank you, Yazoo, for all your time and typing, and I am sorry I did not put a link to this topic when I posted that the problem was solved in the other thread. Actually, when started, the two topics were totally different: one was about whether pop.spamcop.mail or mail.spamcop.mail was the correct mail server, and the other was on the difference between "re-forwarding" and POPing mail back to a client on my local machine. The responses provided by the good people of this Forum (and some of my subsequent posts in both topics) tended to lead both topics toward a similar conclusion. Again, I am sincerely sorry for the time you lost thinking about this and typing in the Forum, and I really do appreciate all the help everyone (including you) has offered so readily. At least now you have the satisfaction of knowing you were right!
  6. Aha! The mystery is solved! MMInternet was "sort of" forwarding my mail. Apparently, there were two lists they needed to add my forwarding address to, and on one of the lists, they spelled my cqmail.net address incorrectly! Well, at least they copped to it, and apologized profusely. So I could receive e-mail fine when it was sent from within their network, but when it was sent from outside their network, SpamCop's mail server (correctly) bounced it, because no such address existed on that server. Now that MM has fixed the error, everything is working as it should. Thank you all for your helpful, friendly, and timely advice. I am very glad I started using this service, after so many years of sitting on the sidelines, quietly reporting spam (and perhaps getting much more spam as a result). Maybe one day we will win the war. Best regards, PChuck
  7. But if I'm POPing back to a client on my local machine, and I only have one account with my ISP, does this create a loop?
  8. Thank you, Steven, your reply is very helpful! If I use post-filtering option (d), and POP directly to a client on my local machine, this has nothing to do with my ISP account, or does it? I notice that in Outlook Express, under Tools, when you go to change the POP settings, it is under a tab called "Internet Accounts"->"Properties." And since I only have one account listed there, which is my pre-filter ISP . . . Sounds like I need to get another account! But the odd thing is, I received an e-mail notification of your response at both SpamCop and my pre-filter ISP. Thanks again. Regards, PChuck
  9. Hi JT, Thanks for such a prompt response. In answer to your question: (1) Yes, I can login to webmail, and I can see the initial admin welcome message. I also got the registration message from this Board, and if I send an e-mail to my SpamCop address, it appears in my webmail account. (2) I spent a great deal of time with one of my ISP's tech support people this morning (my ISP is mminternet, so I can actually call and talk to live people who are competent and they are able to check things out while I am on the phone with them), and it is clear my mail is being forwarded to my SpamCop e-mail address. (3) I'm pretty sure I haven't set up a mail loop, because my mail is forwarded from mminternet to SpamCop, and then it's POPed back to Outlook Express from SpamCop's mail server (pop.spamcop.net). (4) I set up this post to receive e-mail notification of replies, and I got an e-mail notification of your reply at my mminternet.com address. I think maybe the problem is that SpamAssassin is set too high. Do most people leave it set at 5? There were at least two e-mails I *know* were sent to me within the last 24 hours, that I never received. They are not in my "held mail"; they are not anywhere. Any other suggestions or advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Regards, PChuck
  10. Hello, I am a newbie to SpamCop e-mail, but I have been reporting spam for many years. In setting up my account and browsing through the various Options, I noticed under Options->Mail Management->SpamCop Tools, a feature called "Forwarding." Since my ISP is now forwarding my e-mail to SpamCop and I am POPing it back to Outlook Express ("OE"), it seems instead of POPing, I could just forward my e-mail back to my ISP's mail server after it is filtered by SpamCop (and I could still take advantage of SpamCop's reporting features) by using the Forward feature on SpamCop. spam Cop's e-mail client in many ways seems superior to OE, but many things about it are not intuitive, and at this point in my life, I don't want to take the time to learn how to work it properly. Am I missing something? Is there a difference between "re-Forwarding" my filtered mail back to my ISP's mail server on the one hand, and POPing it to OE from SpamCop's mail server on the other? Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  11. Hello all, I'm a newbie to having a SpamCop e-mail account, although I've been reporting spam on SpamCop for years. I am an attorney who practices in the intellectual property area (no kidding), so I always include choice quotes from the CAN-spam Act of 2003 in the "notes" section of my SpamCop reports. I have some pre-printed "warnings" saved as a Word file that I cut and paste into reports, so if anyone would like to receive them, please just let me know. Anyway, as I was setting up my e-mail account, I noticed that SpamCop set-up instructions name two different POP servers: one is "mail.spamcop.net" and the other is "pop.spamcop.net." Which is the correct POP server? I am especially interested in this topic because I have not received a single piece of e-mail since my ISP started forwarding my mail to SpamCop over 24 hours ago. Thanks for your help.
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