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  1. OK, so I sent this report: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4010208537z7...733fae6d5c6fbbz I got a reply that really got me baffled. I verified that it came from AT&T by submitting it as spam itself, see: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4013673296zb...421b4fd5ea94b7z First of all, I received it at the address that's mentioned in the From: header of above spam, not through the spamcop report reply system! Then, the subject was in other words, not one recognisable indication that this was actually from an abuse department, which almost made me report it as spam too. But what really knocked me off the chair was the contents, which you can see if you click on "View entire message" in the second link above. The gist: WTF?? All the information they ask for is in the spamcop report! If this was some tiny backyard provider, fine, but AT&T?
  2. OK, I see. No, it's not obvious at all...
  3. I don't agree at all with the notion that not showing a failure message is something justifiable in any way. It's all nice and well that Spamcop puts its focus on identifying and larting relays, and that spamvertised page reporting is just a side task that Spamcop may or may not find the time to do. However, even when it is an optional thing, it *has* to give proper feedback. Silent failure is a total no-no in *any* UI. Insinuating that only n00bs would be irritated by an obviously missing error message is not acceptable. I consider myself a professional in both the spam and UI design business, and I was irritated myself by this silent failure before (and even posted about it here years ago, IIRC). Aggregating the number of posts in this forum which report this same thing shows that a sizeable amount of time is wasted by both posters and people trying to help them, pointing them to the FAQ again and again, complete with repeated grumbling that results from something that is simply bad quality in a service many people here pay for yearly through their Spamcop Email subscription (me included). It would save everybody a lot of time and frustration if the few minutes of developer time needed to introduce a message like "Timeout while resolving xyz" or "Gave up on resolving xyz" would be invested some of these days.
  4. Please see this spam report. The lookup of the message source IP at whois.apnic.net is totally messed up. It says it's "Getting contact from whois.apnic.net mirror", so I suppose that the mirror is broken and needs to be fixed. The problem is that it returns the default contacts for the APNIC registry itself, abuse[at]apnic.net and spam[at]apnic.net, and then Spamcop (understandably) says "I refuse to bother xyz". A direct lookup at whois.apnic.net returns: inetnum: - netname: NOVANET-IN ... e-mail: noc[at]novanet.net Searching the forum, I found this thread: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9962 where Don claims it has been fixed, but it doesn't seem to be... [changed spam report link to www. (so we can see it)]
  5. Not for me. All three servers still show the problem persistently.
  6. OK, let me tell you how incredibly easy it was to find that contact form I used, OK? Spamcop start page after login... hmm... too bad, no "Contact" link. Ah well, let's try "Help". Drat, no contact link either. Hm, let's read the "Frequently Asked Questions". Ah, "How can I contact a SpamCop representative?", that sounds promising at last. Hmm, ah, "Email service support", that sure must be it. OK, let's see... "first check theTips from Newsgroups", hmmm, no contact hints there. "Secondly, the main source for quick help is the SpamCop Email Forum", yeah, I know how particular people in the forum are about that you can't expect help from SpamCop personnel there, so skip that. "A third place to get assistance in the SpamCop Mail Newsgroup", cool, except there's no SpamCop personnel there either. And that's all there is under ""Email service support". Great. So back one step. "Other reasons for contact". Well, what else can I do? They sure don't want you to be able to contact them about the email system easily. Obviously, that's the contact form I ended up using, and it worked after all. So, Mr. Helpful, when jumping at me for using the "wrong" contact form, how about at least telling me what the "right" one would have been?
  7. Got a reply from Ellen earlier ("Hi -- I have forwarded your mail to Jeff, who runs the email system."), and now the mail is finally pouring in!
  8. Just sent this through the Spamcop contact form, hoping for a quick resolution:
  9. Hm, good idea, but didn't work. I removed the entry and recreated it, and after the usual 5 minutes or so the error count increased again, showing "Unknown error: 6" again (really helpful message anyway). I did everything you can do to a POP server in a telnet session to that account, and it all worked flawlessly. I dearly hope Spamcop gets this resolved real soon, that account is drowning in spam
  10. Sounds likely. It's rather annoying - of the 4 accounts that Spamcop is supposed to POP, it has now resumed to process three, but the fourth has an error count of 152 by now, with error "Unknown error". It's the one with by far the highest amount of spam coming in, so the measure announced on the webmail page obviously remains active. More than 30 hours have passed since the initial failure - about time to have a replacement server running, IMO. No option but wait, I guess...
  11. Argentina too: tracking URL Spamcop seems to have real problems applying the blackholes.us blacklists! The aforementioned spam came from, and checking the blackholes list clearly shows under the heading, where it has been for quite a while already.
  12. Image spam OCR is a lost case. In the image spams that I actually get to see (few, thanks to Spamcop), I've noticed that spammers have already started to overlay the text with funny pixel patterns that are designed to make OCR difficult, or use exotic fonts with the same intention. They have the counter-measures already in place, well before Spamcop even got that feature...
  13. Why? abuse.net is just an independent service that Spamcop relies on, but no Spamcop deputy maintains it. If there's an error in their database, it has to be fixed by abuse.net - which has obviously happened in the meantime, as it now returns the single contact address network[at]aims.com.my for aims.com.my.
  14. With "Brazil leaking", you mean that you have checked the brazil.blackholes.us list under Options/SpamCop Tools/Select your email filtering blacklists in the webmail interface, and those three spams you quoted still weren't held, right? In that case, it's true that there must be a bug in Spamcop, as all three IPs are listed in that blacklist, as can be easily verified by checking http://www.blackholes.us/zones/country/brazil.txt
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