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  1. Even after reading some of the reasons for it, I still don't see what the big deal is... you get your email an hour sooner (assuming you have your device check every hour)? I have my Palm set to pull email every hour from SpamCop and does the same for my work email server where it also synchronizes contacts and calendar, all without "Push Technology".

    Are you expecting to sync your webmail contacts as well? I believe that is a seperate but integrated product from the webmail tool and not sure what version we are using there. I personally do not use webmail contacts for anything but saving my submit addresses.

    The big deal is getting e-mail immediately, instead of waiting 15 minutes to an hour. Once that is done, I can finally stop using IM.

  2. I'll try the IMAP settings to see if I can get this to work.

    Well, since someone falsely merged two totally different topics, I suppose I'll dilute my own questions and help you with your issue.

    Settings for SpamCop IMAP on the iPhone:

    Host Name: imap.spamcop.net

    Username: youremail[at]spamcop.net

    Use SSL: On

    Authentication: Password

    Server Port: 993

    SMTP: smtp.cesmail.net (That's Spamcop's beta SMTP server for sending e-mail)

    SMTP Port: 587

    SMTP Use SSL: On

  3. Just to add to what I said (since it seems like I can't edit a post after a certain amount of time?), if Spamcop did want to offer push services, it looks like Push-IMAP would work for them too. I thought it was limited to the built-in MobileMe and Yahoo profiles, but it looks like it works for all IMAP accounts on the iPhone.

    Yes, the new firmware supports push-IMAP for any e-mail service that offers it. Not only does this work on the new iPhone, but also the older ones that have upgraded to the free 2.0 firmware offerred last week.

  4. A couple of years ago (when I added 90% of the folders under my Inbox), webmail gave me an error when I attempted to just create a folder. I forget what led me to add the period, but doing that worked for all of the other folders. I was just surprised when I did the same thing I have done over 20 times before, and it didn't work.

    Also, to answer another question... The full caps INBOX disappeared when I selected "Rebuild Folder Tree" from the DDLB on the folder edit page. "Work Stuff" is under the real Inbox now, but I still can't delete it.


  5. I created a folder the way that we USED to have to do it by creating "Inbox.House Stuff". It created a separate inbox called "INBOX" with the House Stuff folder underneath it. I can browse to this folder, but I cannot delete it. The mail server tells me that it does not exists. What gives? Do I need some admin to remove it?


  6. I currently have several disposable e-mail addresses at Sneakemail.com, which all forward into my Spamcop account. The page says that I should set up the mailhosts for each e-mail address I have. I registered the first address with no problems at all. When I registered the second address, it replaced the first one on the list of registered servers. Do I only need to register once per mailhost, or once per e-mail address (as the page says) ?