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  1. I try to keep the distribution down to a small list: Enforcement[at]sec.gov - For "stock pumps" and other securities-related scams. fhaynes[at]fcc.gov - For FCC-related complaints fraud[at]uspis.gov - For Ponzi MLMs, other mail-fraud related "mail fraud" covers a wide-range 419.fcd[at]usss.treas.gov - For Nigerian 419er scams UCE[at]FTC.GOV - All unsolicited commercial email - i.e., all spam
  2. Yes, thank you for the reply. I had already found the Australian site, and downloaded, and read the source. So installed fine, and works as advertised. However, and this is not a comment on your work at all, I find my self spending too much time doing the manual tasks of pasting and twice reporting, plus running samspade.org to trace the url's in the content of the mail itself. There must be an automated solution that allows reporting spam without so much manual effort, and so much time as to cause me to go back to simply deleting, except for forwarding to uce[at]ftc.gov.
  3. Pardon my asking, but is there any documentation on usage of your com-add-in, Jello? I've got almost 600 spams from last 4 days, and not really interested in taking the time to individually cut and paste each one. Problem originates from university having a public faculty directory with emails.
  4. True - Thanks for noting that you had uploaded to Australian site. Have checked all others and not at any other sites. Apparently your uploaded was not propagated to the other mirrored sites.
  5. The link works in taking you to SourceForge, but did you then click on a mirror to download the file? If so, you get a mirror-initiated no file message error irrespective of which mirror you select.
  6. No such file located on any SourceForge mirror! ------------------------------------------ jellob2 Posted: Jun 30 2004, 06:43 AM Now have a sourceforge project and have just uploaded a 0.1.2 (bug fixed that caused junk to be appended to headers) http://sourceforge.net/projects/spamcopaddin/ :
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