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    Forwarding and FAQ update

    Well,I'm not sure why it's saying "disabled", but I was still able to go the the "preferences" tab and enter a fowarding address. Let's see if it'll "stick" this time. Again, thank you for pointing me to the new location for setting the forward.
  2. kenbrody

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    Now, the bigger question: Why, when I log in on my wife's account, do I get: Sorry, your account has been disabled. Sorry, your account has been disabled. (I filled out the "contact support" for that it links to. Let's see what they say...)
  3. kenbrody

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, why the old page, which refers to "here" as the place to enter it, can't be updated with a link to the new location, I don't know. Again, thank you for the pointer.
  4. kenbrody

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    My wife and I both have SpamCop e-mail addresses. We both made sure to put in the forwarding before the end of September. The forwarding on my account works The forwarding on my wife's does not. Going to the page with the forwarding setting: https://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/spamcop/preferences.php The ability to see/add/change/edit the forwarding address is gone! Just the announcement of how important it is to set the forwarding address. No place to actually do it. Help! Even on my account, where forwarding is working, there is no way for me to see and/or update the address should it become necessary.
  5. When setting up Mailhosts, I get the error "Headers not found" when processing the account configuration e-mail. However, it's only happening on one of the hosts I am using, and not others. The steps I take (which work for the other hosts) is: In SpamCop's webmail interface, I click "Message Source", type Ctrl-A/Ctrl-C (select all / copy), close the tab, click the "mhreturn" URL, and paste the entire e-mail into the first box, and submit it. For the other e-mail accounts I have set up, this works just fine. For this one host, I get the error "Headers not found". I have split the e-mail into header/body on that page, and I have forwarded the entire e-mail to the listed address, but they all give the same error. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong (after all, it works for the other hosts), so I don't understand what might be wrong with this e-mail. I even replaced the one TAB in the header with spaces, but to no avail. How do I proceed from here? Thank you.