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  1. That's the problem... the mail on spamcop webmail is forwarded to our pop addresses and hence no longer on the spamcop server to be reported Rgds Martin
  2. I have been thinging about this for months, nay years. I have been with spamcopfor at least four years. I stopped reporting years ago for this reason. But the amount of spam now flooding from RUssia is so big, I have to statr reporting again but 1) it takes ages and 2) doesn't seem to have any effect. This system should not depend on nerds with nothing better to do. As I said: if I report it, I mean it and I don't read the reporting stuff anyway, so save me the hassle and let me rubber stamp. Rgds Martin
  3. No, but I thought I had posted it under "reporting spam"... if not then it looks as if you need more than a FAQ to help non nerds like myself use this system. Rgds Martin
  4. I want to report spam and forward as much as possible to the spamcop server. However I resent having to spend quite a time later waiting for the server to process a message so that I can click send to send the reports. If I report ten messages in the morning (whe the inbox is full) then it can take me up to 20 minutes to work through the messages. I should be earning my living instead of processing spam. If I forward it to Spamcop it is because it is spam. If I have to run through it later, I assure you I cannot and will not check the details, because it all means nothing to me. I am not a nerd. So I just press accept and let it go. BUt whydo I have to wait an eternity for each message. If I send it - that's that. Any time I have to spend later is a waste of my time. It is hwoever essential because our business address is grtoaning under the load of Russian spam, despite being filtered through Spamcop's email filtering service. But it looks as if Viagra triggers before local Russian crap (maybe aimed at European users). So unless I report through the old spamcop system, nothing is done to stem the flood. (Not that my reports seem to have much effect either. PLEASE: 1) filter Russian spam 2) let me report spam WITHOUT having to waste precious time later confirming it. 3) Immrove the webmail interface so I don't have to chase the okay button ver the page because it keeps moving. 4) gve some indicaiton that spamcop is actually working (e.g. a regular email to say which servers/spammers have been chopped down to size. Rgds Martin
  5. Can't I just say I want no Russian language mail? I can't read it anyway ;-) Rgds Martin
  6. Our business email addre sis being flooded by Russian spam, despite being filteredd through Spamcop.net first. I csan't report the spam using webmail as the messages are forwarded to our mail server, so the offending messages do not stay on the server. I have now started reporting the spam through my own "attachment fowarding" spamcop account, but it still keeps coming. WHy does this Russian spam keep coming? Is Spamcop not geared to remove this kind of rubbish from European business accounts? Rgds Martin
  7. Firefox 0.9.3.with a 1280 x 1024 screen... full screen or window. But I can't see this making any difference. I would most like a two pane window (like a mail reader) with headers above and one body below... In addition, I not ehtta it is not possible to mark several messages and then report them as spam. Only the first gets marked and removed. Rgds Martin
  8. When running through (web)mail in Spamcop, I am repeatedly struck by the total inconsistency of the interface. Having marked a message as spam, I get the next message on screen with a comment above "this message has been marked as spam". No, the previous one was. :-( And if I then want to toggle onto the next message, the arrow has moved (it's now lower because the message above shifts it down. And if the message happens to be longer than a page, then the arrow has moved left too, because of the scroll bar. It MUST be possible to make at least the essential message back and forward arrows stay in the same place :-( It looks quite pretty, but has clearly NOT been designed for use. PLEASE try to improve the usibility of the SPamcop webmail interface, it's POTENTIALLY the easiest and fastest way to report spam, but right now, it's CLUDGY... Rgds Martin
  9. I have been using the Spamcop webmail interface to administer my four email accounts (me and the kids) for a couple of weeks and note a couple of anomolies that serve to drastically increase the amount of mouse use and effort needed to browse through messages. Firstly, to report a message as spam, you either have to tag it, click report and then confirm, or open the message and click report. However, if you do this, then Spamcop adds two lines to the top of the NEXT message (saying it has been reported and deleted), confusing) and as a result the position of of the icon to choosed next or last message is moved making browsing through messages a question of seeking and finding the icon each time, instead of just clicking the mouse. (Not helped by the scroll bar o the right on some messages.) A keyboard shortcut would help, or a two-frame list with the message list left and message body right. And another little gripe... to find this forum I ended up doing a Google on "Spamcop Forums" because it isn't mentioned in the Spamcop Mail In addition, it is strange to find "filters" as a mail option in the tool bar, but blacklists hidden away in the cet up menu. Also strange that Held mail in the toolbar is not the same as open folder: held mail on the right. Regards Martin
  10. I doubt that covers the topic. How can I change it to something more sensible, like blocking all mail that SPamcop says comes from a verio.com registered domain? I mean - the domains are different (at least six of them) but verio.com registered them all...
  11. Where can I find blacklisting in Spamcop (webmail)?
  12. ...That's quite possibly the case (I see now that I read mcleaver's original post more carefully) although it's still not clear to me. ...mcleaver -- could you clarify -- is David correct? If so, please ignore my reply to you, above (the one that starts, "...First: since I do not use the SpamCop e-mail system, I am not able to answer your questions."). Mcleaver wants his kids to have spam free mail... so I send it through the Spamcop filters. I could give them K9 or some such, but then all the rubbish would end up in the deleted items folder, which is not really what I call filtered. Still visible for prying eyes. I forward from their address to spaocop and from there back to their receiving pop accounts (could be SC too). Rgds Martin
  13. Now I find this forum! I switched about a month ago to using Spamcop mail to protect my kids from spam. But my attempts to get help in the newsgroups I have known for years have been in vain. There is no mention in the Spamcop mail system of this forum for (peer group) support. :-( For the last five days, my son (7) has been getting spam from or through verio.com. I have reported all the messages through the old Spamcop (I can't report through the mail system, because the messages all get forwarded to his account). I did try to filter the domains, but it doesn't seem to have the slightest effect. (Mind you, I have started wondering what the diffetrent is between "from " and "sender" in the filters... I am not a nerd and I fear such things as the filters may demand a very deep knowledge of the workings of the system... WHat's going on/wrong?
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