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  1. what is all of that. DOES THAT MEAN YOU GOT IN
  2. then there has to be a scri_pt or someting BECAUSE I AM NOT DOING IT.
  3. Where are the Exim logs I am dedicated but I have clients.
  4. my IP is I need it to stop. I deeted all the mail accounts that said they had spammed. YET THEY KEEP COMMING, my DC said they will shut down my server if it does not stop......
  5. This is a load of garboge, my server is gettig false claims sent to it and I NEvER seND OUT spam. My DC says I either remove the accounts or they unplug my server. So I did I removed the mail accounts that are said of spamming (my ones I use for clients I might addd) but they are gain. So when I check my email today my DC says I GOT 13 COMPLAINTS, but they are all from the email addresses that I have deleted. HOW CAN THIS BE. I am sick of the false claims. Seth
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