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  1. Thanks moonbroth, yes, that's the kind of thing I was looking for. Cheers!
  2. Wazoo Um, thanks, but I think you might have misunderstood what I'm asking. As I understand it, this is what happens: When I go to my email filtering blacklists, and the "tag" option is not selected, Spamcop puts email in Held Mail if the the mail servers are in the blacklists that I've selected, or the SpamAssassin score is above the level I've selected. If the "tag" option is selected, SpamCop adds a series of headers to the email such as X-spam-Disposition (representing the fact that the mail server sending it is in one of my selected blacklists) and X-spam-Level (representing the SpamAssassin score), and leaves it in the inbox. I agree that filtering my email is a personal decision, but I make this decision in my SpamCop settings, and therefore the information on which headers to filter by is of general interest to everyone I would have thought, given that everyone has a choice about what X-spam-Level they want to filter out or which blacklists they want to filter with. I'm using Mail Rules to add and filter by the headers X-spam-Disposition and X-spam-Level that I presume are put there by SpamCop. Is that right? If all I'm going to do is look through the emails that I don't want, mark out what's common to them and then put rules in Mail, there's no need for me to continue to pay for my SpamCop account is there? Adrian
  3. Having read around the Spamcop Help and forums, I've worked out how to filter on the Spamcop X-spam* headers using Mac OS X Mail, but it would be really useful to have a clear guide about what each one meant somewhere on the site or this forum... I'm probably being a bit slow, but what I'd like to know is how to use those headers so that the filters are identical to the ones when I use Held Mail. I'm presuming that the X-spam-Level header is the SpamAssassin score, and the X-Spamcop-Disposition is whether it should be blocked and if so, which list says it should be blocked? Any help appreciated! Adrian
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