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    I am Blocked and need help

    Fortunatley the problem has resolved itself. How scary is that? I will continue to scan for viruses on my machine and get back with you. Thanks for your help. It has been a long day. Stephen
  2. stephenandstar

    I am Blocked and need help

    Hey guys, I have gotten to know you and your company better this afternoon. Interesting. I would love to get some guidance on resolving my blockign problem. I have never been contacted by my ISP about being a source for spamming. I have a print markting company and send large files each week to printers etc.. I was blocked last night. I have been working all day to resolve this. Okay, I'm here and have joined you board. Anyway, the ISP and my DSL company both are clueless. Would love to get some wisdom on re-activating my email. Stephen here is the error: http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?