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  1. Please add a setting to automatically purge deleted messages that are older than XX days. Currently, the purge is "all or nothing" and I like the saftey net of having a few days or weeks before losing the mesages entirely.
  2. I would be willing to log on occasionally as well if it would work, but the option I want is not there at all. Any Thunderbird whizzes out there? I don't think that client will do it either....
  3. Thanks for the input; a quick recap: * Yes, my deleting is just fine; it's the purge that is an issue. * I don't use the webmail, and the delete/trash folder thing only works with webmail. Not that it's really the best solution anyway. * I use a couple of different mail clients including from my cell phone so "ditch Microsoft" is not a practical option (although it's usually everyone's favorite suggestion.) All that being said, I may have to use another client or small program to log onto my mail via a scheduled process and do the housekeeping. This is not the end of the world; however I would like to suggest that the operator of the paid mail service incorporate this feature into their product. Not only would it make it better, but I have to assume that MANY less GB of email would get left on the Spamcop servers. I know my account can get absolutely huge any no one says boo about it... ever. Mike
  4. I use IMAP with OL2003 and, occasionally, my Treo mail and the webmail. I've got everything working pretty smoothly, except there is no clean way for me to purge my deleted mail routinely. In OL, the purge option is an "all-or-nothing" scenario. So when I do finally purge, it kills EVERYTHING marked as deleted. I have been Googling around and have found lots of scripts for automating the pruge process and, most importantly, specifying criteria for what exactly to purge (say all deleted messages over 30 days old.) Can we have a maintenance oiption in the webmail to do this? Ideally, I would not have to log into webmail to make it happen, but I generally get in there once a month for something or other anyway so that would be ok. Thanks, Mike
  5. I think there should be an option to forward: whitelist DOMAIN in addition to the whitelist sender option surrently present. 90% of the time I have to go back and add a domain to my whitelist seperately...
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