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  1. Ah OK thanks - sorry, I did think it had probably been brought up before but couldn't find it (was using a tiny screen at the time).
  2. Just wondered whether it was worth considering adding Spamhaus DBL http://www.spamhaus.org/news.lasso?article=655 to the list of blocklists that SpamCop users can choose from? More info: http://www.spamhaus.org/dbl/index.lasso
  3. Yes, after 29 years with computers, I should know to try things more than once really :-) Anyway I decided to report them all instead, and of course hit the 15,000 limit... oops.
  4. I get an error message saying the "Held Mail" folder is already empty. When it has over 7,000 messages in it. So it's back to reporting or deleting 100 at a time.
  5. I don't know. I wish I did. I've had 10,000 too but then they stopped. Well paused, anyway! Hopefully that will be the lot.
  6. I can't log in to reporting either. On one occasion I did see a red error message about not being able to read a database row, or something like that, but I didn't record it and don't see it now.
  7. Well, I did email the deputies, but never got a reply (or, if I did, it must have got trapped as spam!).
  8. No, I never receive the probes. I have checked that I do receive "normal" email to the relevant address, and I have looked in the Yahoo spam folder.
  9. On several occasions over the last 48 hours. I can try it again right now... and now I don't get the problem. I wonder if I'll actually receive the probes this time...
  10. Thanks, yes, but I did already read that, and thought that with Yahoo being so popular I am probably not the first person to come across this issue, and that someone would pop up with a quick and easy answer!
  11. When trying to register the mailhosts for my BT Internet email address I get these errors: I never get the probes. I've waited about 48 hours since the first time this happened. Back then, I only got the deferred message for one of the two servers. Now I get it for both. I have searched the forums and can find plenty of mentions of Yahoo but with other problems which suggest that other people haven't encountered this difficulty. Yes, I have referred to the URL suggested above, but there's nothing I as a user can do with the information provided. I can't reconfigure either SpamCop's or Yahoo's mail servers!
  12. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z830182066z8b...85c50cd226aa17z spam from smartways.net and reports would go to smartways.net Abuse.net suggests abuse[at]smartways.net or postmaster[at] If I knew how to find the upstream provider, I would...
  13. Yes, the parser finished doing its stuff and gave me buttons to press at the end. OK, I'll just ignore it in future! Thanks. Andrew Ward
  14. OK, so I get the message: Forgery detected, or mailhost configuration incomplete. Please verify source IP identified. What do I do next? I mean, I've verified the source IP (which is to say, I've checked that my mailhost configuration is complete, and that the IP address does not belong to one of my mailservers - in fact, it's an ADSL port that's on one of the blackhole lists), so what do I do now? Andrew Ward
  15. Like several other people have reported, I configured mailhosts for several domains, received the magic emails, sent them back as requested, and then heard nothing more, and nothing appeared on my list of mailhosts beyond the basic spamcop servers. Andrew Ward
  16. It's back now (POP3 and webmail). Andrew Ward
  17. Within the last half hour or so, POP3 seems to have gone down.
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