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  1. No answers given, not a customer, don't want to be a customer. Cannot find who *is* the customer so I can fire them -not my host, not my internet provider. Have not insulted anyone (except the spam-policing methods) but have been the target and victim of countless insults. Perfect, really...a victim of your really bad anti-spam methods, now a victim of your verbal abuse. What a nice place.
  2. Update from the "blithering idiot"/"troll"/"ranter": Neither my internet service provider (southwestern bell) nor my web host (ipowerweb) subscribe to spamcop or any spam-policing system. I have zero spam filters turned on, and oddly, my problem is not unwanted email but that spamcop stopping wanted email. Back to square one - innocent folks' emails are being subverted by someone subscribing to spamcop, not the two (or more) parties involved. You tell me to stop subscribing to spamcop, or switch to a competent ISP. The problem doesn't lie there. I don't care ~how~ the names get on the blacklists, it's obvious to me the blacklisting system doesn't work & I want no part of it or with anyone who subscribes to the list. But how to opt out...
  3. OMG!!! Tampering with email from an innocent victim, this is netiquette? Calling me stupid, ignorant, a troll...Spamcop ingoring complaints from innocent victims, Spamcop strategically erasing some of my posts...this all is your idea netiquette? Well, at least you're consistent.
  4. You people are scarry!! Internet terrorists is right. This is absolutely nuts. That's right. Any innocent victim who complains or speaks up must be a subvert...McCarthyism? That's right, always blame the victim. The problem is the complaint - the problem is not the problem! This is NUTS! And now you want me to set up my own email server just so I can get around spamcop? ...excuuuuuse me, it was Blars that accused me of sending email to the trap. But spamcop accused my friend of the same. Your methods differ slightly, but you are all the same to me -- self-appointed internet terrorists.
  5. Interesting...the same attitude among all the "Spamcop"-type services I've encountered. The innocent victims are the enemies, not the spammers. Just run us over, hurt my business, disrupt my life. You don't care.
  6. I want to cancel mine also...but the problem is I never signed up for it! I asked how to get off of it, and they tell me it's the responsibility of the sender. Nonsense. Please leave me alone. You self-appointed "cops" are internet terrorists, and what you are doing should be criminal.
  7. Spamcop is hurting my business too! They claim I've either sent a spam email to a "trap", or have had 30 complaints against me. I just set up this email a few weeks ago, and have sent no more than a dozen emails to friends and clients. So do 2 other spamcop companies. It's a lie!! I'm sick of these spamcop fanatics claiming it's the responsibility of the sender to check the spamcop blackball list, and the blackball lists of the other 3-dozen self-appointed blackmailers, each time they send an email. Eh-hem....do you ~really~ throw away an hour of your life each time you send an email? Why not have us all go back to the Western Union telegram by horseback? It's faster and much less hassle... This BS is absolutely nuts! I can't believe ISP's actually subscribe to this nonsense. See the ongoing discussion under, "What is this? & please stop messing w/ my email..."
  8. 1. Nothing is unclear about it. It's just WRONG. It doesn't refute anything lereveur stated previously. 2. It's still very clear it shouldn't be the responsibility of the innocent receiver (me) or the sender to learn about all this BS, decipher it, study it, prove our innocence to some self-appointed meddler... we're not computer experts or IT people! We're just two business people trying to send a simple email and it's being subverted by spamcop & similar services. To assert otherwise is nuts! I've already wasted more than 10 hours of my life trying to get to the bottom of this. I'm trying to receive emails from my customers, and at least 3 have been blocked by spamcop. They're not going to bother learning about all this BS...they're just going to give up on me & email someone else. We're all completely innocent victims of this crap! To assert this is not Spamcop's problem is NUTS! Like Charles Manson's claim that he was innocent because he just gave the orders, he didn't actually pull the trigger... They are responsible but not accountable!
  9. Thanks for the replies - some were helpful, but I still don't know what to do to fix this. Re: Nick - ipowerweb makes it obvious how to turn on/off the spam filters...and they have never been turned on. There is no mention in the ipowerweb site of spamcop, how they use it, when they use it, how to opt out (if that is the offending party). I'm still waiting for replies from my ISP and web host. Re: Miss Betsy - Not spamcop's fault? The sender's problem? No, it's *MY* problem if my customers can't access me. I'm sorry, but DUH! That's terribly ignorant. Guilty until proven innocent, and impossible to prove your innocence? When alerted, my friends/senders ARE outraged and yelling at spamcop, blars, and others...to deaf ears. Miss Betsy please stay off the board if you're not going to contribute anything to the discussion. Who appointed them, and where's the accountability? I've been using my-site.com email through ipowerweb for barely a week, and have only sent & received 20 or so emails. I find out yesterday that roughly 30% of my incoming emails have been bounced, from absolutely innocent parties. Then I look in my catchall email box and find 100+ spams. Yeah, the spamcop list works great (sneer). Re: Robert - thanks for the link to DNS-stuff...but I find out my own IP is listed on 2 of these self-appointed cop services. How the hell did that happen??? And one of them told me he'd take my name off for $500. This is BLACKMAIL! What a scam... Anti-spam measures that don't stop any spam but blacklists innocent parties??? Who is responsible? I'd like to hear from Spamcop administration.
  10. Who are you people? And will you please stop messing with my email? In the last 24 hours I've had 4 people tell me their questions to me have been bounced by spamcop.net because: "Delay reason: SMTP Error from remote mailer, host mail.questliving.com. 451 blocked. See spamcop.net" They were from: rainbowgrace.com, fairnessproject.org, and william.jewell.edu. I don't know how many more have been bounced - I cannot see a way to look up whether they are on your blacklist or not. None of these were spam emails - they were notes from friends and customers. I've never heard of spamcop before. I never subscribed, I don't want this, I've read through your discussion boards and it sounds horrible. How on earth are you able to disrupt my email service?, and who gave you the right? My web host is ipowerweb.com --- is this something they subscribed to? PLEASE HELP! This is really unnerving.
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