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    Blocked E-mail?

    Yeah, I would like to know that myself. That seems to be a rather generic answer (I have seen you make that exact statement else where, word for word). I am only listed on SpamCop, so I don't think it is quite as you say. I would like some real help on this, not generic blanket statements, thanks.
  2. kevin@miscorp.com

    Blocked E-mail?

    My e-mail server is being "blocked" by SpamCop. None of the open relay testers have shown it to be an open relay, nor have I been able to get any kind of a message through it myself. But more than 48hrs later, it is STILL being listed and I am still getting messages blocked. I would really like to know why this is still being listed, and where SpamCop is getting its information that I should be blocked?