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  1. I suggest that you strongly consider moving to another ISP, clearly yours is having problems. If not, you may like to get a dialup one for now eg plus.net and use their sever to send mail, you can keep your address as is and use hostway.com to pick up your mail. Thanks.....but so that I understand it....I'm getting on the internet using an expensive satelite broadband connection (this is isolated Scotland) provided by: http://www.dfcommunications.com/home/index.cfm Hostway.com is only my webhost, and provides the POP email. Is it possible that the problems start because someone using dfcommunications is spamming? These chaps (dfcommunications) are only providing the service, and they don't check anything at all. Alain
  2. Hello, A last message.....I can now contact my client again, and informed him about the possible causes of the problems. He responded that his university is using SpamCop, but that they have huge problems with incorrectly bounced email. Alain
  3. Well..thanks for the replies so far. This is the message that appears in the bounced email: http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? Since today, it is not listed anymore in there, but I got bounced emails during the last 7 days. I am still interested to know why this happened. I understand that words like "legal action" causes some people to react cynical...I would....but we are a UK company who are trying to urn a living..as we all do...spam email is a pain....but if you are busy, and there is money at steak...then it is a pain as well if your own email is bounced back and being labeled as spam (which it isn't). Therefore, it would be useful that who-ever made SpamCop, also provide some back-up. See it from my clients point of view...he can't get my emails.....and will complain to his organisation about it. If enough people complain, they will just switch to other antispam software. So..it is in your (who-ever you SpamCop is) that 'average computer literate people' like myself can find information how to solve this problem. Alain By the way.. -using a hotmail or yahoo account is nice for personal email, but it is hardly a serious business email contact....thanks for the advice anyway..:-) -We don't run a server..we just go with our laptop via a satelite on the internet (hence I guess we use a local server from the company who provides the satelite?..and then use hostway.com for our POP email) -As to legal action......it is not that we will do this of course....but it would be very interesting to know...from a hypothetical point...if you do everything within reasonable knowledge to protect your laptop from hacking and virusses, and then something like SpamCop wrongly labels your email as spam..and therefore you loose time and money.....why can't you do anything about this..legally? Now..don't start all this cynical remarks again..I'm just curious...in this country (UK) you can't sue for much money anyway.
  4. Hello, Let me first of all say that I appreciate the fact that you guys do something about spam email. However, since a couple of days, some of our emails to clients are returned saying that spamcop has identified it as spam. We are a legitimite UK business, and the fact that we can't contact some of our clients, means that we lose money. We have up-to-date anti-virus software, and a firewall. I've seen similar emails on this newsgroup, but find the reactions rather criptic. If you run something as SpamCop, then please also give clear tools/suggestions (e.g. links to commercial software) to solve this problem. At the moment, we are loosing money because of SpamCop. Under UK law, I doubt if you can get away with this (we have take appropriate actions; anti-virus+firewall). However...because stopping spam is in all our interest, I don't want to go the legal route. Hence, please advice in clear language how to solve this. Kind regards, Dr. Alain Zuur highstat[at]highstat.com
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